Completely replace fortifying perforate perk with a disease heal cut or haste perk

Fortifying perforate will RARELY be used now due to the recent nerfs. Both light / medium players will never take this perk as its useless.

Please replace this perk with something useful like a disease heal cut or haste

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I vote no. Use a disease perk on your weapon.

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To be fair you’re against my suggestion cause its not ideal for PVErs. This change would benefit PvPers.

I think that it’s fine the way it is. Fortify will still be useful for the pvers and as you know, I feel that fortifying perforate is wasted most of the time in pvp anyway.

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Fortifying perforate is now only slightly good for spear users in heavy armor which is very rare to see

The rework of the perk would be healthy for the spear community now that majority of people will not be using this perk at all now

I’m not sure that most people were using the perk in pvp already, but honestly I’m more for keeping it. I do not use the perk so if it does end up getting reworked then maybe I would.

They just made fortify pretty much negligible as any fortify will be in lower demand.

Ward, refreshing and conditioning are just way better in pve post patch.

And in PvP: Resil, aversion and refreshing or freedom are better.

Fortifying perforate will see hardly any use post patch.

In light armour any fortify is negligible. Only in heavy armour it will be noticeable and worth taking.

Maybe there will be some heavy spear/whatevers on point in war after patch. That’s the only way I see fort perf getting any use in pvp

Spear and SnS in heavy is decent.

Shield rush provides great weaken.

I was coaching a guy a few weeks ago to use a heavy SnS and spear build.

It has some nice combos.

I think the one he had most success with was holding up shield until he could connect with bash, into sweep (no coup de grace), into perforate. Then leaping strike after they dodge, into shield rush.

I made sure he had fort rush on his tower shield, enfeebling skewer on weapon and fortifying perforate on armour. But this was before the nerf.

Don’t know how good it would be for point combat but for dueling it was very effective.

I think the fort with heavy armour is still worth it for perforate users and maybe medium, but not in light IMO.

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I’ve been running SnS Spear 50-250-200 heavy for months, it’s a fun build, not burst, but on clumps and 1-1 got the best out of me.

It has above average survivability (my timing is not what it used to be), so I need something to soak up some damage while it gives a chance for disables and debuffs and it’s the best build for me at least. Someone with faster hands could exploit it beyond as any other build in the hands of a competent player. It ends up being a matter of choices, and the recovery times are good with little animation locks.

Heavy spear is fun to play. Although my setup is 100str-200dex-200con and I also use hatchet. Earlier today I approached a GS/Bow who had a healer with him and still killed him pretty easy, then a bruiser showed up and I killed the healer despite the peels, then I decided to just go back to base(the match was a blowout) and made it there despite getting chased and hit by the bruiser, a FS/bb, and some other dude lmao. Heavy goes crazy sometimes :joy:

Fortifying perforate is wildly good in the live game for PvP. Post patch its terrible and should never be on gear unless you’re heavy armor

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Fort perf perk on medium is bad not worth running over elemental aversion

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I can see it being good if you hold the spear a lot of the time. It’s next to useless for me since I often swap.

Nah man, at this point forum looks like every fortify effect is useless, and i bet most of those posts are made by guys who did not even tested those changes, they just simply repeat what other ape said

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I’m still gonna use fortify rush on shield even in light. It gives more utility then keen which is the only other option on a round shield.

30 percent even in light is ok. Would give me around 1000 effective armour compared to around 700.