Completing Trial Faction Quests / Rewards

While playing the game doing the faction quests and working on the trial quest to advance to the next level in the faction, it has become clear that one thing should be changed. If you have max reputation / faction points saved, when you complete the next trial quest to turn in and advance, you essentially lose those rewards as they don’t progress towards the next level of reputation or rewards cap. You essentially are forced to spend some points before turning in the quest to complete, otherwise you just completely lose out on them If you are already capped and the reward is meaningless. I’d like to propose that these rewards for reputation / points continue to progress when you turn the quest in for completion and unlock then next stage within a Faction.

What I’ve been doing is whenever I run the trial quest, and complete pvp faction quests at the same time, I turn in the trial quest, and only then I will turn in the other pvp faction quests. Works just fine, I get the points added to my newly extended reputation and token caps.

If you’re talking about quests completed before the cap gets higher… we’ll isn’t it the point of a cap to begin with ? It’s a limiting factor - meant to prevent you from getting more points. If you want to get more points, you need to spend them first. That’s the goal of the system as it is.

Doing that defeats the entire purpose of my post. You are forced to spend points when completing the quest of advancement. I am not talking about regular faction missions. You literally just lose out on the rewards for the quest If you are already capped. That is the sole purpose of this post. It should just push the rewards forward with your next cap, you shouldn’t need to spend them If you have nothing you want to spend them on, just solely to be forced to spend them.

The cap for faction missions makes sense (thus making you need to spend them), however the advancement completion and rewards going no where does not.

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