Comprehensive Mage Changes and discussion

Suggestions and feedback about mage class

Void Gauntlet

-All Discintergrate damage to 15% weapon damage per a second

  • Essence Rupture should now deal 60% weapon damage and applies discintergrate
  • rework all damage and healing to scale equally on int/focus like greatsword does with str/dex


  • Reheat and watch it burn swapped places

  • watch it burn damage increased to 30% weapon damage every second for 3 seconds. Stacks one time.

  • Rune of helios now has a 15 second cooldown

  • Pillar of Fire now has an additional 2 meter radius and 10 meter range

  • Meteor shower now deals its damage in “waves” every 2 seconds (once on cast, and once 2 seconds later) Its damage has been increased to 150% and is now casted at location (instead of channeled). Radius reduced to 3m. Range increased by 10 meters.

  • Clear mind now grants 10% empower

  • Clear casting now grants 10% empower

  • Let it burn now grants 20% Fortify while a burn effect is active

  • Trial by fire now has a 60 second cooldown and deals 40% weapon damage

  • burning out animation reduced significantly

  • incinerate animation reduced significantly

  • pillar of fire will no longer “sticky” itself to a person (and will now simply cast at the directed area)


Ice Spike

  • Redesign Ice Spike to trigger its end point once the spike has interacted (dealt damage) to a target. For example the spike currently deals travel damage, and detonates at the end. Shift the detonation to trigger once it deals travel damage there by reducing the skill cap slightly and improving the dependability of the spell.
  • Increase icespike range by 5m and its travel speed by 20%
  • Ice Pylon now has its frost size at 5m by default
  • Ultimate frost now generates 2m of frosted area below the feet of the mage. This area will apply frost effects like quick frost and doubles their effect on any frosted area
  • Windchill now deals a single burst of damage for 180% and knocks back the target by 8m.
  • Defiant freeze now grants fortify while standing on a frosted area instead of after casting an ability.
  • Ice pylon will now have a hotkey assigned to it (to force it to target aplayer/npc) (KeyCode + leftclick)

PvE Resists (dungeons)

  • I don’t know why but mages got 40% Reduction to damage while others were <= 30%. The defensive resists on npcs should be reduced to 20% cap on mages damage.
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It’s 0% now…

No, its 0% in open world, not dungeons (from what i hear) which makes no sense since dungeons are the primary pve content. It should of never been 40% to start with.

Thank you so much for your clarity in your feedback. I will get this passed on to the devs.

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