Comprehensive Return to Aeternum Event Servers Situation From Players

I feel the same.

please merge overlord

Merge Overlord plis!!!

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Help Us, we need this very urgently!
The legacy servers are up, the fresh servers and their new players are giving up playing again! Don’t take too long to act like you did on start the game




We appreciate and understand your concern here and are having active discussions around this topic. When we have more information, we will provide it.


What do you need to discuss? Just merge the servers already FFS.
This game is unplayable on low pop servers below 1k peek players and the RTA servers can barely get 200 players at the same time.
Impossible to do OPR, even 3v3 arena and finding expedition groups are hard. We cant beat invasions and the towns doesn’t make any money at all. So we are locked out of upgrading the crafting stations. This means the gathering and crafting aspects of the game has no meaning. And like I said earlier we can’t find PvP or PvE either so the game is literarily unplayable.


I believe they should already know about these factors, after all the game is made by them, is it possible that only those who play can understand all this?

In the never-ending battle between good players and bad game design, bad game design wins every time.

Please merge us or provide transfers. I know a ton of players on Titan are from the East Coast or other regions but joined with their streamer. Transfers would benefit them as they can go back to their region. Just a consideration.


i’m sorry but active discussions isn’t enough, we want to play, to do war, opr, arena, endgame content but we can’t do that ! We just want a transfert or one merge with a good server PLEASE ! We love the game, let us play at game !


To be fair, if those active discussions lead to changes that reduce or eliminate the need for disruptive, labor-intensive manual interventions such as server merges going forward, then it’s definitely worth the wait.

If not, then… yeah.

One of Governors from Ulthar.
Obviously everyone expected a big “boom” in players with FSS, but just like back on release ofc youre not gonna keep 100% of the players. We were supposed to get like 6? FFS on EU side. We got whooping 18! People’s hype ended and they left. Yet still a lot of people stayed cuz they like the game and the changes it got. Yall did well with opening new servers on FFS Release day so we wouldnt have to sit in 12k queues (which was a thing for Cleopatra and Apophis), but you gotta adapt to the situation. Expecting to open 12 more FFS’s and leave it be when shit goes down? Shame :confused:

Other topic is Territory Tax changes. NO COMPANY AND NO TERRITORY on MOST of FFS’s is profitable. Even fully upgraded. Why punish the companies for dumping lots of work into Townboards and lots of gold to upgrade it? The shared tax idea is okay, but there was some serious misscalculations… Please AGS i dont wanna quit again. I dont want the game to fail for the 2nd time for same stupid mistakes, its just being lazy at this point. You got the power to fix that within few days. SO DO IT PLEASE.


just merge fss and rta


Yeah theres a lot of us from EU too and even know a couple from Australia.

Fooda, amazon ta ignorando a gnt.

We cannot play the game content, why did you need to discus more? Just look at RTA servers first, give us a transfer token and open the transfer, or merge the RTAS servers with anothers low/medium pop servers.

Why keep delaying this? AGS are making the same mistake than before! Learn with yours mistakes!


Yes and I knew this would happen I wrote about it on the forums, on reddit and even on youtube comments when this change was first leaked and then again later when it got announced. It was obvious this new territory system was made for CURRENT HIGH POP SERVERS and not new servers, fresh start server or just low pop servers in general. I mean whats the point to own a city if they cost more to run then they make? Not only that but wars themselves are very expensive because of all the consumables. But even more importantly is the gold sink from these low pop servers. Every week millions of gold are deleted from the economy because of high town upkeep and upgrade/repair costs (whenever a war or invasion are lost). Thought I guess this is less of an issue on fresh start servers but on legacy servers where people are trading cross servers it’s a big problem. If we see servers as countries then it’s the equaling to a 3rd world country in economic standing and “trade power”.


Overlord Impossible , i need pvp no have outpost, 3x3 dgs m5+!