Computer BRICKED - HELP please!

I played New World a bit in beta, and I’ve been playing NW since launch. My character is level 33 and I’ve had no computer issues, despite my computer feeling a bit abnormally hot, but the temperature readings have always been safe. I’ve even been streaming to Twitch in HD while playing and have had no lag issues.

Last night however…the game locked up, it flickered 4-5 times, then my PC went black and my keyboard LEDs turned off. This morning, I reset the CMOS, took out the battery and touched the pins. I was able to get my computer to boot back up.

After boot, I did some work, hopped onto WoW for 30m, closed out, then hopped into New World. After 10 minutes, my screen went “pixely”, it flickered again, and my computer went dark.

I did the same mother board reset…but this time my computer won’t boot.

Did New World brick my motherboard, or my graphics card? Please help!

Attaching a screenshot from my phone of what the game looked like before my screen blacked out.

GFX Card: EVGA Geforce RTX 3080
Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming x570-PLUS


Most likely killed your video card, yours might of been one of the evga 3080’s that had a soldering issue. Going to have to RMA the card with evga most likely.

Go look at JayzTwoCents on YT. It’s not just the EVGA cards with the soldering issue that this game is bricking. Code is trash.


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