Con attribute 250 being nerfed, why?

Attribute Threshold Bonus

  • Reduced the damage reduction provided by the 250 Constitution bonus from 80% → 60%

I took this from PTR and November Balance Changes

If these changes are coming through I was wondering why did con needed a nerf, was there something that I was missing?

1 minute cooldown for just one hit seems pretty weak for PvP/wars. Then it’s being reduced makes no sense to me.

I easily tank 5 people at a time and get away with it in wars.

Tanking needs a nerf.


FYI, it is already nerfed. Tooltips showing wrong numbers. They changed it before launch/right after. Atleast thats what they said in patch notes.

Actually its needs a buff.

Sounds like a difference in opinion.

I do fine tanking, I don’t know why I would need a buff, and I don’t care about the 250 nerf the slightest.

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