Concept compagny has broken, you need change


The concept of companies in New World is heresy, You promised us that New World takes the best of seals found elsewhere in the best MMOs, except currently you offer us this:

  • A company bank
  • 4 Fixed Ranks
  • List of members
  • Schedule of wars
  • List of current wars

If for you, you took the best in the competition then whoever set it up didn’t know much about MMO games.

A guild must have the following options:

  • A bank
  • An inventory
  • A Company house (to pay or to build)
  • Company missions.
  • Craft workshops.
  • Raid of companies
  • Company rankings

The interest of your game will decrease if you fail to implement these actions.

Gaining territory is impossible for small companies.

I call on the community to mobilize to change things.

Warning !!!

** Spread the information to as many people as possible in order to alert Amazon Games Services. **