[Concept] Salon System (Long Read)

Hey, I am Alex, I’ve done concept writing for a few games and wanted to share my thoughts on a fully integrated Salon that is not only business worthy to AGS but also incentivised to encourage player interaction whilst maintaining value to the territories that are not currently used as much.

If you have feedback or think I missed things, please let me know - it’s a WIP but I would love to fully develop it further.

Salon Concept


  1. ‘Lore’ explanation of how the Salon can be added.
  2. How it can be monetised in the future.
  3. Systems and integration.

1 ‘Lore’ explanation of how the Salon can be added.

  • Salon owners will avoid city hotspots as they prefer to work in a quiet environment.
    • What this means: Salon stations will spawn in - Monarch’s Bluff, Cutlass Keys, First Light, Reekwater, Restless Shore, Weaver’s Fen, Mourningdale and Ebonscale Reach.
    • Why? This draws focus away from Everfall and Windsward, allowing the other territories to have a unique revenue generation.
  • Salons will be subject to taxes that are earned towards the city owner’s taxes.
  • Salons should be hosted by different NPCs per region with actual names.

1a. Gold Cost Breakdown:

  • Exceptions to the ‘norm’:
    • Low levels have a decreased price on all transactions.
  • Hair recolours will be the cheapest and require a small amount of pigments collected from the world.
  • Hair style will be a moderate gold cost.
  • Adding a tattoo will be a moderate gold cost require a small amount of pigments collected from the world
  • Removing a tattoo will be a small gold cost.
  • Changing a tattoo colour will be a moderate gold cost and require a small amount of pigments collected from the world.
  • Skin colour will be a substantial gold cost.
  • Eye/Face changes will be a substantial gold cost.
    • Purchasing all changes at the same time will present a discount to the player (like bundle purchasing to incentivise people to edit their character in a more dramatic way).

1b. Upgrading/Degrading:

  • Notes:

    • Salon is the least likely building to be downgraded.
      • Why? It is a cosmetic building with no actual purpose outside of changing your character, therefore, will not provide an upgrade incentive like a Smelter.
    • Base gold costs to be determined by AGS economists.
    • Taxes from cosmetic-based purchases now include “Cosmetic” category at the Governor’s table.
    • Crafting Dyes now falls under this category, too.
  • Level 1 Salon

    • You can change your :
      • Hairstyle.
        • At level 1, base gold costs are increased by 250%
  • Level 2 Salon

    • You can now change your:
      • Hair Colour.
        • At level 2, base gold costs are increased by 150%
  • Level 3 Salon

    • You can now change your:
      • Add/remove Tattoos and add/remove facial hair.
        • At level 3, base gold costs are increased by 100%.
  • Level 4 Salon

    • You can now change your:
      • Features, Scars and Face Structure.
        • At level 4, base gold costs are increased by 50%.
  • Level 5 Salon

    • You can change your :
      • Body Type, Skin Colour and a new set of level-5 Salon hair styles, eye colours, features, scars tattoos, facial hairs and hair colours.
        • At level 5, base gold costs are at base.

2 Monetisation:


Notes: There needs to be a healthy balance of unlocking new hairstyles in-game and in the cash shop. Do not reserve the best colours or styles only for the cash shop, this will annoy players.

  • Cash-shop Hair Colours.
    • Pack of hair styles.
    • Exclusive luxury hair styles.
    • Exclusive luxury hair colours.
      • Example: Snow White, Abyssal Black, Crimson Red, Rosé Pink.
  • Cash-shop facial hairs, tattoos, scars and more.

Community Events:

Notes: A popular introduction from popular games like BDO, Guild Wars 2 and ESO. Community events are done by the entire game’s population. For example:

  • Look at the amount of Iron Ore gathered daily by the entire community, set a goal “If the community mines (350%) Iron Ore in 1 week, we will give an exclusive Hair Colour & Style (one for females and one for males)”.
    • The result of this will promote people to login and complete the event.
    • Players will tell their friends.

These events can also be used to control the economy, if there are too many X items, you can set events to consume X items at an NPC. For example: Craft (AMOUNT HERE) Starmetal Ingots and deposit them in the donation basket.

3 Systems & Integration:

Overview: As this is developing more into an MMORPG it is important that the mission of RPG is kept.


  • Upon changing your character for the first time, the Salon owner will present you with a quest. Upon completing this quest, you will unlock a permanent discount on your character for all future salon purchases (gold only, not pigments).
    • This quest can be complex for a relatively good discount or short for a small discount, or it can be incremental.

The lore:

  • Level 1:
    • The Salon owner is new in [City Here] and needs help improving his/her/their tools so that the Salon can function in a more efficient and cost-effective way. The player is tasked with crafting some things to improve the experience of the Salon Owner. In return for these deeds, the player will receive a nice discount as recognition of the help they provided to a new business owner.
  • If level 2 or higher:
    • The quest’s narrative will change from “I am new, please help me” to “I have found a way to greatly improve client satisfaction”…
      • Why? It would not make sense for a level 2+ Salon to pass as a new ‘business owner’ and task our player under that premise, therefore, the narrative needs to shift based on this.

I think this would be a very good idea… Good job.

As for male/female hair… good luck as there are no male or female hairstyles in-game. :grin:

It was more "One hairstyle to cater to Men, one to cater to Females’.

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