Conceptual Design: Widespread Talent Tree Upgrades

Hello Designers, Community Managers, and Players.

In this topic i want to discuss the concept of adding unique alterations which are “conditional” in nature, to the talent tree’s.

In the below Picture we wil see three color’s in line format.

  • Yellow Represents a conditional Talent, Which means the talent its connected to is required to unlock the latter (right side talent in this case).
  • Orange represents exclusion talents, which means A can either go to b, or c talents but not both. in this case the center talent is a, the left b, and the right c. The player must pick a first, and then can select either b or c, but not both. The purpose of this is to provide large-scale buffs or mechanical alterations but not both in which the class becomes over tuned.
  • Teal represents a transitory talent, which enables players to go from one spec to the other and enter at that level, but only for those connecting talents and abilities.

In time we will need to have balance passes done on the talents, this will provide us with some depth and complexity to talents making builds much more unique by empowering some talents by requiring other steps to get to them (there by allowing for higher potential in them)


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