Conflict state removed during the 24 invasion countdown time

We finished the PvP quests, the territory went into conflict state and then entered Invasion state as you can see in the following screenshot:

But the invasion had no timer and then as soon as the timer appeared 24 hours later, the conflict state was just removed.

I am tired of reading “oh we’re sorry you’re getting fked every time by us but keep taking it in” but every English speaking player is sick of your mistakes, merging us, an ENG server with a RU server and now AGAIN with another RU server. It’s already horribly hard to do PvP quests against the Russian zerg you keep smothering us with and you’re simply this close to removing us as customers.
We don’t even need a reply, put Everfall in Hyperborea back in conflict and leave us alone. You failed to deliver a product worth our free time anyway.

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