Confused about perfect salvage scraps

so i am getting some scraps etc. but when i go to the station, i am only able to convert them into materials. i am not able to use them for research. checked some vids etc on youtube and i am not sure what is going on.

most of my crafting skills are around 50-100 btw. does the skill have to be over 100 in order to use scraps to do research to increase the skill.

thanks for any info

The scraps are higher level than your crafting level… scraps come in 3x levels, once your reach level 150 in crafting you will be able to use all 3 levels of scrap.

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arrrrghhhhh. ty for the info i thought it might be something like that. i just don’t enjoy crafting that much and thought i was collecting so many at least it would help me a small bit. oh well lol.

Yeah the feature was added late, I think that if you are a fresh start player then the scaps should need the need for the massive crafting grinds that you needed to max a skill… The scrap is tied to the GS of the salvaged item… I am somewhat in the same boat, my weapon smithing is only at like 130ish but I have enough high-level scrap for 40ish levels, so until I grind it to 150 or find a way to get my hands on lots of lower-level weapons the stuff is just going to stack.

Mind blown! I couldn’t figure out why certain scraps allowed the xp. Nice clarification. I thought it was some foolish thing where only certain level scrap for certain skills could give experience.

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yea exactly, i was really confused. kind of wish they would allow you to use the scraps to increase your level no matter where you are at, i mean otherwise what is the point?