Congratulation! AGS you win, I quit

Yay you want to force me to grind for the boring HWM?
Hell no, don’t teach me how am I suppose to play the game.
I’m here to play the game, to have fun, and your HWM design is boring as hell.

Don’t need to wait until you release the update, I will uninstall the game right now.

Clearly your management team has no clue what players want, I can see that by the recent patches and the one you’re going to release in Dec.

Crucirble was a failure, now NW is going to be another one just like it.

You guys never learn.


You are having some serious issues :joy: grind trough pvp then and leave the pve grind. They are presenting a way for everyone to get gear while doing the activities he likes the most

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You have no clue what u re talking about. PVP Scaling is now scaling from enemy GS.
Crafted gear should stay the same
World drop gear,expeditions,arenas,etc=HWM

hf take care, and please dont return.

What pvp? Can barely see a flagged player on my server with an OPR that never fill lol.

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Have fun with your watermark grind!


“Crafted gear should stay the same”
Where did you get that info from?

thx mate! have fun with whatever you are going to do as well - it seems like not playing would be the best for you anyways - 1 things for certain, you are not here to “play the game” contradicting your own words. idiota.

“Clearly your management team has no clue what players want, I can see that by the recent patches and the one you’re going to release in Dec.”

Or maybe thats mainly the 1k people whining it out, not the 100k others, not complaining. I mean - wtf to expect from the forums by now anyways, hope devs just ignore 99% of the nonsence thats bleached out daily here, no matter what they do, what turn they take or, around this time, anything they change as a whole.

I really wish people would actually read the patch notes in their entirety before going “oH n0 my WM!”
It’s actually going to be faster than the rubbish i had to do to get mine maxed. Like ALOT faster… every time any game puts a targeted way to increase player power (yes u can target in this new expertise), people work out the most efficient way… damn beats running around looting chests…

nothing says you have to grind HWM… its not the only end game. I dont even chase it and still find something fun to do each night

wow already starting a personal attack, geez.
If the game is fun, why are you on the forum calling me “idiota” right now?
Go back to grind more for your watermark kid!

Unless he likes crafting or anything that involved buying things with gold. Or actually anything except for working on micro managing about 15 different levels for slots and weapons.

What about crafters? Fuck them, amrite?

they get fucked

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idiota is not really a personal attack, and if it was, a fairly mild one(compared to what these forums contain of “feedback”) but intepret it as such, if u like

  • it’s a foolish and frankly disgusting way at expecting this game to take shape exactly like u want it - if someone dare cross your mind on that, you will neglect them and ultimately leave, cause noone wanted to shape the game, the exact way u wanted it.

Now leave please, u already said your farewell, and we thank your for it! :slight_smile:

And if they nerf the stun from Axe and Hammers, then i have my x-mas present already.

No, that’s why HWM is tollerated by some. Because nothing says you have to do it.

With the new expertise system, I’m going to drop to a much lower gear score and I will be much less effective. Suddenly, all of the efforts I put in will be invalidated unless I build by gear score up for all of my items.

Now, I can ignore that and just not engage in it, but then crafting is pointless if I do that. And I will not be able to run the same content I was running, I’ll need to…

Grind my expertise up. Just to get back to where I am now.

I’m unclear how I can just ignore that. As it’s now the only way to progress my character. In an RPG, if I’m to ignore the only way to progress my character, what the hell am I playing an RPG for?

Loot is the most important part of any RPG for many players. I’d already resigned myself to never seeing good stuff drop because of the insane system they started out with and decided that buying/crafting would at least let me progress upwards at a reasonable rate. Now, that’s being rolled back and I must now engage with said loot system.

Why couldn’t they just improve the loot system? They didn’t need to touch everything else as well/

Sure hope some pvp/weapon tuning is in the works for late dec/january! :smiley:

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Why are you still here explaining what “idiota” means?
I guess this forum is even more fun than the game itself huh?

LOL I can see you’re replying to my post right after i post it LOL
I guess you really love this forum.