Congratulations on 1.0.4 - Nice Progress

Not really trying to be a DB here dude, but this patch has screwed… sooooo many things up. 99 little bugs in the code, 99 little bugs in the code, take one down, patch it out, 150 little bugs in the code. All the progress from this patch is undone because of everything else they torched. This Beta needs to end already and they can schedule a release date for August of next year.


It’s true, slices of the game are great. I think the reason I like doing the grindy things in this game is because I simple enjoy traversing through the world. The visuals and the audio make it a treat.

But this patch seems a bit of a disaster - well see if any of the fixes stick and if the performance changes (which have some up in arms) at last have a positive impact on performance.

Not trying to be snarky but…between the gold issues, TP breaking, ice gauntlets becoming near paper weights, drugged out great axe users running forever, and angry healers…smooth is a operative word.

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They broke the AH cause they tweaked the Life Staff. But yeah, pretty good patch overall. You can still connect to the game, which is nice.


I would be interested to see what specifically improved your experience and what exactly is working better or more than you expected?

went smooth, huh?! You must be living under a rock.

just a few examples out of many.


Copium levels are really of the charts in this forum


Are you high?


Must be nice to have your view of the game. Last patch broke so many things that I think it’s a record.


I don’t have specific timing (as these are not published), but patch 1 (1.0.1) took around 6+ hours to implement, was not announced, and was bungled a bit. Patch 4 took under 2 hours on my server, and seemed to have no implementation issues.

PLEASE NOTE! Implementation has NOTHING to do with bugs. It simply says that I expected a patch to apply within X hours, and it applied within Y hours. If Y <= X, then it implemented well. This does speak to both more IT experience, and better code reliability. It is something that few gamers actually know, because it is a behind-the-scenes kind of thing.

This is 1 example. This is not my full-time job, so I won’t iterate more. LOL! :wink:

Whatever you’re smoking, can I have some? :smiley:

Because this patch, unequivocally, is the worst one yet. Takes you all of 2 minutes spent on the forums today to realise that. And that’s even without seeing all the “gold dupe” threads they are currently shutting down almost as fast as they go up.

So there is nothing in the actual game play that improved your experience? This is solely related to the time it took to implement the patch? I guess I am a little confused since you mentioned that the gameplay improved. I would like to know what those specific things were in case i overlooked the improvement or they made something better that I might have missed.

I am primarily a crafter. My harvesting speed has gone up noticeably. I do rough approximations, for my own analysis, and I’m seeing a noted improvement. Since there is not a logfile function in New World, I cannot provide anything other than these approximately I manually calculate.

Also, having done enough crafting post-1.0.4 patch, I can say that I have personally had ZERO crafting failures. I was getting about 1-2% crafting effort failures pre-1.0.4. I’ve crafted a huge backlog today, and have yet to have any failures. The failures are just a time sink, no materials loss. But, it was noticeable. Since I didn’t go across any level gates for my crafting, I do not suspect that it was due to my increases.

Also, I have, from time to time, clocked running speeds by move 100m, clocking the time on my phone, and then calculating speed. I’m seeing metric mile (1500m) times around 4 minutes (or less because I am measuring manually). To think that I am now continuously running near world record times is cool. I think there were other improvements, that I am sensing, but cannot itemize without data.

Do you congratulate chefs when you send your order back, and they get it right the second time too?

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thanks for over comminicating? bro this guy is living in fantasty land, lol they said they improved the life staff but they nerfed it into the ground. Overall this patch gets an F. This guy doesnt even understand the game hes not 60. Like how is it a good patch when every looses all their gold on the auction house? This guy needs to wake up, they havent fixed year old problems from ALPHA, AGS is a dumpster fire.

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As we speak there is another gold dupe exploit actually discovered, it’s all over the bug report section.

But hey, good work … nice patch

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Great job Developers… amazing work, truly. /s

How can you commend this type of stuff? I’m a developer as well and this would never be acceptable at my company. Having been a developer for many years, I can only imagine how poorly lead their team must be.

The game is full of missing textures, even on paid DLC items. This game needed another year, at least.

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Totally agree. Game is already amazing and they are even making it better.

Just ignore the people complaining all the time. It’s their lifestyle.

yeah ignore all the bugs and issues and pretend its all just perfect.


So probably you also heard atomicity in dbs, if one phase of transaction fails then all transaction should be reverted.