Connection Error - Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected help

Just made a forum account to post my issue. I am getting the error message Connection Error - Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected and kicked out of game about 5 minutes after logging in, is anyone else getting this too? I have run this game since launch with absolutely no issues at all. I did nothing to my computer just came home and this started happening. I have tried alot of things, flushing dns, verifying my game files, DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth command in command prompt, nothing has worked. Was also getting blue screened but that seems to have gone away thank god. Any advice / feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.


This just happened to me while I was in game. I was watching netflix on my second screen and eating my toast and then after being afk 2 mins this happened:

Also my game has randomly been freezing now and then and it would sometimes unfreeze and continue working. This only just started in the last 3 days.

PC specs:
Ryzen 5600X
EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra

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Okay it just happened again. I was skinning a leopard in Cutlass Keys and press M to open my map and then the game froze. After about 30 seconds the map opened and then I recieved the Login Blocked message and I got returned to the main menu.
Main running programs:
Logitech G Hub
Plex Media Server
OSD Sidekick for Gigabyte monitor
Geforce Experience

I am normally able to login into the game again without closing it. This time PLAY was greyed out so I hit Refresh and the game froze for another 15 seconds or so until my character loaded. I’ve never had any of these issues until patch 1.0.3

i too am getting the same message, im running game booster, steam chrome internet, and Discord.

I had the same problem. The reason was EAC. I red log file in : C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\AGS\New World\LogBackups . There was a text like :
[Info]: [EasyAntiCheat] Error: Неизвестная версия файла (assets\datastrm-part20.pak) . Delete this 'assets\datastrm-part20.pak" from your game directory (maybe in your case it will be another file). Then go to STEAM. Left-click on the game. Go to properties. Chose “Local files”. There should be something like “Check the files” ( I have Russian interface and do not know how it is in English). So, press ‘check’. STEAM fill finds that there is a missing o corruption file and auto-update it. For me, it worked.

I don’t have any log times that corrispond with that message and none of my recent log files have an EAC error

I did find this in C:\Users(your username)\AppData\Local\AGS\New World\Game.log
The file updated as soon as it happened again a few mins ago so I screen shotted the most recent time stamped lines.

It just seems to be voice chat disconnecting and reconnecting. But I will try deleting that file you mentioned just incase and then use Steam to verify files.

Try to do the last part - go to STEAM and check the game files. It could help to.

So the verify only found the 1 file I removed and re-downloaded it. I wonder if it’s an issue with EAC again. Just froze again after palying for 3 mins

No idea then ;( Maybe a full reinstall game and STEAM can help. But it is only a suggestion.

So I closed the game and ran EAC and picked New World and clicked Repair and shut down Steam and restarted Steam and then launched the game and my character selection screen didn’t try to load for a bit before my character appeared and my game hasn’t froze yet.

Hello i have the same problem. From support told me to write my name here.
My steam name is : marian4o1
Character name: marian4o
Server: EU Central

Same problem here, Freezing and after some seconds receiving this error

did you try the fix I posted?

did you try my fix? Run EAC and select New world and then click Repair. Restart Steam as well just incase

didn’t work, appears to be internet problem

This issue happen to me today in every 5 to 10 mins, I try lots of ways which are mentioned on internet but non-worked.

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I got the same issue today. Game freeze for every 5min and I got a message of login blocked suspected software. The game always got tons of problem. Please provide a tunnel to refund. We cannot suffer these kind of hilarious bug anymore!

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Agree!! I am so frustrating and keep searching for the way to solve the problem. I believed that it is not only us to face the condition today. Hope the officer could notice the problem and handle it asap.

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Same thing. Did try Talf’s fix just did not work for me.

Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected