Connection Error - Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected help

re-install the game :slight_smile: try it

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This did help me.

To verify the integrity of your Steam files:

Load Steam.
From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu.
Select the Local files tab and click Verify integrity of game files...
Steam will verify the game's files.

i my self just got this error. i will try rescanning the game files via Steam.

just finished and i got this…


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+1 same problem. i play auction and this error…

Same problem here.

Did file validating on steam, nothing found. At first game freezes couple of times, then it kicks me out with that same suspicious software or corrupted instal text.

I have Chrome,Discord,Spotify and telegram open, they have been open simultaneously since launch.

My server is Saba and areas Cuttlas keys and Edengrove where it started to freeze, after that came those kicks.

The same issue started popping up today, game freezes and sometimes it starts again but often it ends in a “Login Blocked: Suspicious Software…:” message.

No changes to the computer and this is a first after playing 56 levels. Anyway, will test the described fix and see if it helps me or not.

The game starts to lag and freezes. After waiting 5 minutes, the freeze disappears. Some time later, it hangs up again and gives the error Login Blocked: Suspicious software or corrupted install detected.
The following software is installed on the PC:

  1. Razer Central / Synapse
  2. Corsair iCUE Software
  3. MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner Statistics Server

Please correct this error

Same. New day - new gamebreaking stuff

Was about to throw my computer out the window… but I see that I’m not alone after all! Having the exact same problem with random freezes then getting that blocked message…

Having same problem since today. Crashed in 2 wars in a row. Fix you game already. My clan in a danger of losing wars because of these crashes

Literally half an hour ago, the game began to freeze a few minutes after launch. After a few minutes, the game starts working again, but the message “Login blocked: suspicious software or corrupted installation was found.

Nothing new was installed or updated.

We need a fix asap

Definitely need a fix. Tried to log into a character on another region and got this error. Thought that maybe it was EAC so I did a repair of it and still getting it.

how did you fix it i got same error

Can we get a mod to respond please!?

i got the same error i try to verify integrity close all the apps restart steam pc unistall the game install it back delete all EAC files and nothing can somone looking for this error up to see what is going on?

I’m having the same issue as of today. No problems until the patch this morning. Tried multiple PCs with no luck but my friend can log in on them just fine.

did you fix your problem we all have same problem but no one answer

Unfortunately, no. I contacted support and they said it’s a known issue but they had no solution. They routed a ticket but said that I should expect for it to take 48 hours so I guess I’m done until this weekend at the earliest.

I get the same error I thought it was causing my slow internet.
But it happens more and more often after the last Patch