Connection Error - Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected help

It is happening to me too
Server SA:Devaloka
Character:Korbben Dalas

Same here. Was standing in town and lagged out.

Now I have this message

Server - bouneima east
Char - martinfort

Now it says Banned?

Same as well
Server EU Saba

“banned” for same reason, maybe its ICUE? thats the only thing that i can see in common with us all.

IGN IngoM8
Server Lindalino

@Luxendra Can you please provide us some info regarding this problem?
There are so many people having this issue after the latest fix.


Same problem. Gorias server. Just happened to me 30-40 mins ago

same problem… how to login ??

Any dev’s posts about this issue?

Same problem 30min ago ,

i am play on GeForce NOW ! , how can i use Suspicious Software ?

Server: Eu Bifrost
Char : HuiZonq

630 hours playtime, same here.
Was farming chests and doing PvP missions and got kicked.
Never used any software and also validated game files with no change.

Guess there must be something off with EAC again then.

wonder if its a banwave but targeting the wrong players. wouldn’t put it past ags to screw that up


and if u update a game with ubisoft connect and while the update is running u get this:
2021-11-04 10_16_05-2021-11-04 09_51_53-.png ‎- Fotos

after i pause the update und try new world again i “only” get the other error.

Server: Menkar
Player: Accobys

Server: Sitara
Player: Asili

Having the same issue Login blocked due to suspicious program
talking to support as I write this will post updates.

Programs I use:
Nzxt Cam

was in the middle of running to armine when I got disconnected logged back in and threw a message!

Character name: Libra Zero
Server: EU youdu

Same for me as well. Running a fresh installation of win10pro N since Sunday. Almost no extra software installed. Just logged in on my day off and got booted within 5 minutes.

I’m getting the same message. Is playing on Steam Link for fishing considered suspicious software? It seems like people in this thread have really gotten banned in the past banwave. Please fix this guys…

Server: Naxos EU
Charactername: SceniX

PS: In order to fix this I have tried the following (some of which have been advised before):
-restarted Steam and verified integrity of game files - done, nothing found
-manually checked my drivers, they are all up to date.
-used admin CMD ipconfig /flushdns
-rebooted my PC
-created a new character and tried to log that one in(getting the same error message)

Same issue here. Fishing and binge watching 2 seasons of Ted Lasso and I can’t login anymore.

The same “suspicious software” message the rest of you are getting…


Character name: Libra Zero
Server: EU youdu

Character name: HuaHuaTian
Server: Plancta

Char name : Uykusuz’io
server : Hades