Connection Error - Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected help

Char name : TRIJ
server : Menkar


Char name : IWarsong
server : Asgard

Hello i have the same problem. From support told me to write my name here.
My steam name is : For The Horde
Character name: Eberta
server : Fea
Server: EU Central
My steam name is : For The Horde
Character name: MhammadX
server : jansinena
Server: EU Central

Same thing with me
Char name: Bukarachka
Server: Kianida

Steam : Steam Community :: Zonq New World

Char Name : HuiZonq
Server : EU Bifrost

Same here…
Charname: Whiiz
Server: Vicina

Character name: Spekteris
Server: Ismarus Eta

My steam name is : oneschannel
Character name: OneSs
server : Perseus
Server: EU Central

Character name: DviXi
Server: Inferni

Well, there is no info from the dev team about this, some people are getting a message stating that they are banned. And this message appears after they’ve got this error and tried to reconnect more than 3 times. But if they recheck the game files they will get the same error “login blocked or connection error”.
It’s a messed up situation caused by EAC.

Char name: Evokation
Server: Sarragalla

  • I invoke the lemon law!

Character name: Bozor
Server: Yggdrasil
NA west

i notice a lot of people with this problem have over 500 hours played in the game, maybe AGS are forcing you all to go outside and get some fresh air.

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server : Delphnius
Server: EU Central
My steam name is : iamhaisesasaki
Character name: Spice D Blood

we can wait patch 1.05 :// maybe fixed or gg

Everyone here was giving me a heart attack saying that I was banned…
Here’s my transcript from a live-chat. Seems like a big issue that many people are facing.

Tariq [9:24:49 PM] : Thank you for your patience.
Tariq [9:25:01 PM] : I checked the details at my end. Your account has not been banned.
Tariq [9:25:26 PM] : Its normal, its an emerging issue which is coming up with multiple players where they are getting suspicious software detected error
Tariq [9:25:45 PM] : There is a master ticket for the same issue raised by mods.
Tariq [9:26:00 PM] : Please allow me a minute to update your details too that you are facing this too.
Tariq [9:26:12 PM] : Help me with your character name and server name?

How / Where the contact pls send me a link

Character name: Sashimiki
Server: Yulbrada
AP Southeast

My steam name is: SUSHI PLEASE

server : Amenti
Server: EU Central
My steam name is : Shannara55
Character name: Francisca