Connection Error - Login Service not available at this moment

Hi team,
it seems the login service is down and not available when trying to join my EU Central Avalon server.
Is there a general problem we should know about?


Hello @markus.sell

Here is the Server status official page:

You can check the currently status of all New World servers.

If you are experiencing some connection issues please check our help page:

There is some steps to improve your conection to the servers.

Let me know if you need more help!
See you in Aeternum!!

Hi Cayde,
thanks for your hints. Servers are OK, due to official server status page. No internet problems whatsoever, beside the login service to New World. Game file integrity checked with Steam, no issues found.
Any specific test you can suggest to where the login service is expected to be available (protocol://server:port)?


For anyone else experiencing this issue:
I restarted my game client and it works now.


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