Connection Failed Retry?

After waiting for hours in queue, this message is always popping up even after restarting the game.


same happened to me

i think the whole game server crashed

Same for me. All worlds ha e disappeared

12h esperando, ya el 2000 en la cola y ahora se desconecta???

the world is fine, my missus running around in there

I have the same…

i see it’s only an issue in EU, the worlds are loading in other regions.

Can confirm. Rotates between Login-Server Error, then nothing, then back to the Queue always the same number, then Login-Server Error.

Infinity Loop since more than 15 Minutes now has crashed all European servers. not even on the list …

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Die arbeiten schon dran.

saw my player after spamming refresh but the play button was still disabled. I then i hit refresh one more time and it’s gone again. :man_facepalming:

lächerlich ist das

This is tragedy! Who could ever believe it!

Like in Cyberpunk. There you could enter the game, but the game was unplayable. And here the game is polished, but you won’t get into the game.

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I secretly believed that Amazon would improve the servers and increase the maximum population after the tragedy in beta testing.
I am disappointed…

Waited in queue for hours only to be booted when my number was up - WTH amazon… I thought we fixed all of this with the extensive and long alpha and beta testing

Now seem to be stuck at 2780 forever

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