Consider giving housing credits with linked trading posts

Un-linked trading posts have forced many players (including me) to make home purchasing decisions solely based on Territories that have market activity. I, for example, bought 3 homes: BW, EF, and WW.

Now that trading posts will be linked, I can buy and sell from any territory, which means I can select my home purchasing based on more important factors:

  • Where will I be grinding/farming/gathering?
  • Which Territories do I like (town layouts/visual appealing/etc)
  • Where will I be doing my crafting?
  • etc etc. you get the point.

Suggestion: Give players a housing credit IF they sell a house. This won’t come in the form of money to the player, it will simply be a credit on the next house they buy. Example, if I sell my house I bought for $5,000, I now have a $5,000 credit towards my next house.

Why punish the players? It literally puts no market in or out of the economy. It’s a zero sum game.

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Definitely worth a bump. @Luxendra

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