Constant crashes, almost had enough

My game keeps crashing straight to desktop, sometimes i can get a few hours and then other days its every half hour/hour.
I’ve managed to turn my crash report log off and cannot find a way to get it to turn back on?(i’ve posted about this no reply…) (also hasnt turned back on after reinstall even though all the game settings reset?)
the last log i had was some memory issue that a few people have posted.
I’ve tried every fix that has been posted and still crashing…
I’ve re installed windows, re installed the game 3 times(tried multiple harddrives), completey removed everything ‘newworld’ from the registry, also increased the virtual memory of the harddrive.
All my drivers are upto date, i’ve verifyed the files on steam, repaired the anti cheat.

my temps are fine ive even stress tested all my pc parts to rule that out.
running 11900k, RTX 3080 and 32gb ram.

Its only this game giving me issues, i love the game but ive almost had enough…

Please help, Thanks


My GPU crashes as well since a few days now. not sure exactly when its started but i also have a few tens of hours without troubles. Now randomly it crashes my GPU. Game freezes even tough i can still hear sounds in game and i have to ALT+F4. Even after that the Process is still running in task manager and i have to kill it there as well.

I have already tried to install the new driver (2070 NVIDIA) .12. fresh install, no changes. also tried all the solutions i found online. even restricting the power of the GPU to 75% does not improve it. I have yet to find a solution.



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