Constant crashing after 10/13 update

Seems like following the patch, I am unable to launch and stay in the game for more than a few mins.


RTX2080 (tried latest driver and rolled back to mid Sept. Driver)
Windows 11 (latest updates applied)

Game is installed on SSD (tried also installing on another SSD)
Page file fix attempted with no luck, also not seeing any helpful log generated.
Removed New world folder from %appdata% with no luck.

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Hello dhgaming18, welcome to the New World Forums! I’m sorry to hear your game is crashing!

Have you check your GPU drivers recently? we can try first to check if your drivers are up to date, if they are, we can try to revert to the previous version and check again if there is any changes, if still your game crashes, lets go back to the newest driver and check mark ‘perform clean installation’

I’ve tried two different driver versions, both being done with clean installations and uninstalled with the Display Driver uninstaller (DDU).

Starting today I have also started experiencing crashes both while fighting the last boss in Dynasty Shipyard and the boss for the quest a Selfless nature.

My party was also experiencing the crashes or at least 1-2 others every time.

Any update? It’s been two days at this point. I’ve tried drivers, visual C++ repair / updates, windows updates, deleting AGS folder out of both local and roaming in appdata. New windows profile, the game was running completely fine up until the most recent patch. I can get in and play for maybe 5 minutes before it crashes.

Sorry for the delay in my response, dev team is aware of some crashes issues and actively working on this. In the meantime can you please Try clean booting into Windows by following the instructions at Microsoft Support just in case there is any window drivers or 3P program that may be interacting with New World

OP, did the Windows clean boot into work? ^^

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