Constant "LAG DETECTED" and have to click "OK" only to be booted back into a massive queue. (4th time and 5 hours in a queue I shouldn't of had to be in)

I’ve been in the queue for 5 hours today on and off due to “LAG DETECTED” and when I click “OK” when it says RECONNECTING…it boots me out to a massive queue. If this is happening to YOU, check your VPN settings or proxy if you’re using one due to hotspots. Also make sure your NAT is set to OPEN.

Any game that’s ever had queues gives a player who was disconnected a few minutes to rejoin without getting queue’d.

Also all my programs/VOIPs never dropped connecting, it’s literally just “NEW WORLD” yet I still continue to see people typing ingame.

Do I click “OK” or do I just keep the box open that says “RECONNECTING” — earlier it would LAG DETECT, then I’d be able to get back in.

yep been the same. just cant get out of starter zone…right at the border boom lag detected. such bull crap

Sorry brother, I got on the moment the servers went live in NA EAST - and I’m only level 13 due to this while my friends who started with me and cruising past me. Sad.

hell im STILL trying to get back in since 7am pst

got 3 times in a row in less then 5 minutes “LAG DETECTED” and got disconnected

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