Constant lag-detected -> DC when the server is full, why?

I am so frustrated about this

I join the world, play less than 1 hour and then “Lag Detected” followed by DC and then I have to requeue.

This happens only when the servers are full, when the server is med pop I have zero issues. The moment a queue starts to form when the server gets full my random DC from the server also starts.

It’s impossible to play the game since you need to re-queue every single time you DC

I would not mind a queue if I could actually stay in the game when the server is full.
I done everything possible on my part to rule out any issues on my part, but nothing changed this behavior.

Server: Runeberg
Character: Nivity

Part 1 New world 1/2 -
Part 2 new world 2/2 -


Would love a GM/dev/etc reply about this issue.

Hello AdventurersIm sorry for any issue you currently have. Please check the following: Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issues - Support | Amazon Games and Welcome to New World! section for Common Issues.

Thank you so much for your patience during this launch time.

As i wrote “I done everything possible on my part to rule out any issues on my part, but nothing changed this behavior.”

I already done every single thing in those posts. Nothing changes.

same issue




Can we get a big thread about this like the other lag detected one, they don’t like us posting in that one, but it’s the only thread where customer support responds.

For me it only started after the update, and I can play another character fine (I tested to see if it was my computer or server-side), it’s only my main with this issue. I can play for maybe 10 minutes when server is in off-hours, rest of the time it is pretty much unplayable.

i have the same

We’ve tried all of this and even more, can we get some more support for this issue so we know devs are aware of it? My computer meets all the requirements and runs other new games great.

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