Constant Lag Detected

Since the most recent update, the game has almost been unplayable for me. Every 30 seconds or so, Lag Detected will show on screen and it takes roughly 10 seconds for the server to respond again. I have tested numerous things locally to ensure it is not on my end. It only seems to happen with New World as I do not have connection issues on other games. I will list my specs below as well as all of the things I have tried.

MSI Z490 Pro Gaming Motherboard
32GB DDR4 G Skillz RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 3080
i7-10700k CPU
2TB Samsung Evo HDD

Things I have tried:
1.) Restart modem/router.
2.) Actually replaced my router and set up a mesh network to ensure coverage.
2.) Updated and reinstalled network drivers.
3.) Used an external network adapter to rule out faulty onboard adapters.
4.) Used ethernet instead of WiFi.
5.) Changed bandwidth setting to medium and low with no change.
6.) Ran packet capture of 2500+ pinging with zero packet loss/jitter.
7.) Flushed DNS.
8.) Added New World as an exception in my antivirus rules.
9.) Verified integrity of game files.
10.) Uninstalled and reinstalled.

I have, however, connected to my VPN and it seems to fix the issue somewhat. I can actually play without the message appearing and I am unsure as to why this somewhat works and what I could possibly do to ensure I don’t have issues when I am not using my VPN. As I stated before, I did not have issues previously until this last update. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi @HalfdanDagfinn.

I’m sorry that you’re having this issue with seeing the lag detected error.

If you’re still running into this issue, please contact Customer service using the link here:

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