Constructive conversation about the PTR

Hey everyone!

I’m back! Enjoyed a long weekend due to the holiday and with it being my third week with the team, I’m ready and excited to dive back into it!

Since my posts tend to just evolve into a conversation about some aspect of the game, lets try and focus on a singular topic so I can gather information for the devs.

Before I ask my question…

  1. Don’t kill the messengar. (The messenger being me. I’m just gathering the information to present to the devs.)
  2. I’m human. And have human feelings. Please be nice even when feeling passionate about a topic.
  3. We are in this together, you, the devs, me and other players. Please don’t attack anyone for their ideas.
  4. Don’t kill the messenger.
  5. I will ONLY interact with comments that stick on topic in this thread. I can only juggle so many conversations at once and if this goes will I promise to do more ‘focus fire’ threads on different topics. (I know you want to know more about new character creation, orbs, transfers, etc. I cannot shed any new light on any of these topics as of now. I’m sorry.)

QUESTION: What would interest you enough in wanting to play on the PTR?


easy … NEW WEAPONS … more and MORE pvp content :slight_smile: thx … and HELLO

and a question… when is the next DEV BLOG coming out? #anxious


What do you mean? I dont play ptr because i have no time to waste.


I don’t play the PTR because why should I be unpaid game tester? Why is it my job to make sure patches release without bugs?


Okay, that’s fair. And honestly why I haven’t yet… only enough time for one account.

Maybe my question to you is more, why do you feel like it’s a waste?

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That’s totally fair. Thanks for your answer!

What sort of pvp content did you have in mind?

Any plans on removing the time gating for mutated dungeons?
Any plans for further ways to earn umbral shards via pvp?

About OPR. Just remove all the PvE content from it. Maybe leave the Baroness, that’s it.


Literally the least you could do is inform us on when we can expect the blunderbuss patch? It was universally perceived as arriving in Jan, and with feb being for bots and bugs, we are now sort of annoyed approaching the end of Jan with 0 word on it.

otherwise: ARENAS

Having a server on AP, I tried ptr on US and virtually unplayable

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I love the famous “street fights” I think there was something missing to encourage this more… like control by castles for example

i mean its a strange question , on the forum you can just write what is on your mind and that is it .

But on the ptr , you have to download it and keep it updated , then play the ptr content , then get back with the feedback .

if anything an extensive tool for feedback , with many hmm options , (not just a box where you write the feeback) would help , maybe with built in surveys and rating for the current PTR patch . and a way that would make sure the the feedback was seen , idk even a checkmark would do.

besides that idk , maybe if it was not separate download , but the same base game , only PTR patches needed download .

Things like that could maybe spike more interest in actually going to PTR and testing things .


tbh if u guys want this game to grow and blow up. its easy. make mutators work really well. Add a Raid and add Arena PVP if u do that I promise u as a long time mmo player the concurrent population will triple with those implementations. We have 50v50 and 20v20. We need 5v5 3v3 2v2 maybe even 1v1… Plz focus on smaller scale pvp and I promise u the game will blow up.


please, just do this! It’s so frustrating dealing with all these brutes farmes it’s not fun at all! just leave the baron


This is a GREAT idea and hugely helpful, thank you!

I can add that to my list, thanks!

Same. I see no reason to spend my time in a server that is wiped every month when I can work on lasting progression or activities that benefit my live characters. I can watch a few videos on PTR throughout the month from people who do have time to do that & who do have the incentive to do that (their youtube channel getting my views & thus ad revenue, for one example) to get an idea of what is ahead, however, regular players with no incentive to participate in PTR should not even waste our time in it. Every minute in PTR is a minute less on our personal accounts.

Tangible, very strong rewards for participating & giving feedback, I would consider it, yet likely still would not see the value I would need to decide to actually download the PTR & use it. We can watch a small number of videos to have an opinion on it, based on several people making the videos, watching them, then discussing it. We do not need to waste our valuable account time on temporary servers when youtubers can waste their time in exchange for value in their channels instead.

@Shadow_Fox Now this is what I call a Community Manager thread, well done.


I just created a post about this…

I just logged into the ptr and opened my strength set of gear. The first set gave me 3 bow perks a fire staff perk and two musket perks. No perks that I would ever run on my strength set. At this point I logged out and didnt test anything. . . I tried to test when the ptr for the first part of this patch and got the same results. No perks i would use and the majority of perks were for weapons that use different primary stats to scale. My friend tried light armor at that time and got great axe and hammer perks. Is your game set up to give players exactly what would not be useful to them?

Give us a vendor or something to get armor and gear with exactly the perks I want. Let me choose what to test with.

@Shadow_Fox did you see this suggestion?


I think for me - it’s about being a part of the testing process.

Personally I enjoy seeing what’s to come and if there’s any positive input I could provide, that’s always a plus.

To further elaborate - I think we could benefit of having the community having an open transparent conversation on the build being introduced, and what requirements we could provide from a customer POV for helping test the build. So that dev’s are able to receive quality feedback, beyond “you didnt even think to give us this to test XYZ”

It would be nice to know as well what do the dev’s look to accomplish with the current PTR? What’s part of their definition of done for the build in PTR prior to it being launched to live?