Consumes the enemy’s stamina when blocking

maybe those who don’t play with a shield don’t know, but each type of shield, in addition to having different defense and resistance, also have specific perks.

Round shield provides the most offensive: keen and vicious

Kite shield provides some buffs while you hit, being less offensive, but making a good balance between defense and attack buff: keenly fortified

Tower shield has the highest defense and stability, encouraging you to keep your shield up longer, but lacks unique perks useful for pvp.

So, thinking in that sense, encouraging to keep the shield up for longer, it would be interesting to have a perk that consumes the enemy’s stamina when blocking an attack from him.

Calm! I know this can be extremely strong, but if we limit this to melee attacks only (not skills) and put an acceptable value on stamina consumed, we can create an interesting and balanced mechanic that is in the shield proposal, keep it raised for more time!

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Well. In my.opinion anything that turn this into a “press a button to win” game is good.
I propose we also make it so you flinch when you get attacked . That way every time a melee find a tank one presses LMB and the other presses RMB and the highest hearty % wins. if this goes through well and is accepted by the community we may reach the pinacle and do OPR via excel sheets.

amazing idea, thanks for the contribution, certainly a gem for the devs

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