Content Drought; Re-enable 65 Large Portal Rewards

If I am not mistaken, the only reason they were taken down is because they were respawning ‘too fast’ and people were getting the rewards.

First of all, oh no! People actually being rewarded for content?! Can’t have that…

Second of all, even if we were well and truely against that progression happening too fast, it’s been weeks. We have missed out on that progression for weeks. Please Re-enable them at least for a limited time and let us catch up. No one can do dungeons, no one can do arenas, the current methods for increasing watermark are beyond stale.

Let us get a spurt of catch up in for all the content that’s been taken away for weeks.
If there is another reason they were disabled and I am misinformed I then I will try to be a bit more understanding, but the fact is, I don’t want to grind elites anymore, and I can’t afford to roll 700 times to try and get good armor from armor smithing.

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