Content for solo players / communication with others

Amazon should care more about solo players and content for them.

When player is a very skilled person that understand all mechanics, have all best pots + skills + nice GS, should be able to deal with ALL standard mobs in the game and MANY miniboses too. Playing against such mobs cannot be imposible. It should be suitably difficult, but not impossible.

Someone said that this is not a game for solo players… When I back from work at around 10pm and I want to play around 11pm (or 4am, doesn’t matter) I should be able to go solo and do some content without looking for another party if I don’t want to. There are many solo players in the game. There should be also some smaller dungeons that can be soloed. Again, it should be very hard in some edge cases, but not impossible.

If they can’t achive that, they need to create in parallel some different zones that can be accessed only by solo players or something.

And please add something like LFG window in game, where people could write what they would like to do. It doesn’t need to be an automatic matchmaking. It should be just a place, where players can put very clear information that will be saved and visible for others until cancelation. Only creator of the topic can edit posted note / remove it when party is already gathered - (like in Tera online game)

Example below

of course posting complete nonsense there should be reported and punished

Nice screenshot from TERA :blush:
Unfortunately Lameforge bought that game
I already started a new character on one of the most populated server and stopped questing before choosing a faction, just to make a point. Will be a bit harder than usual and will not have access to several things, but I’m already lvl 12 and wearing only the colors of my self crafted gear. They should add an option to remain factionless without blocking the quest line progress. But it seems that are too many people doing bad decisions on management.

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