Contested Resources. Remove or Greatly increase Top End

Contested resources were a nice idea, I suspect they were kept to counter the lack of content on game release. Currently on high pop servers, Iron Wood and Oricalculum are continuously farmed.

Personally I have a lot of free time, but for 90% of your potential player base, this is just not workable. As it stands someone cannot login on a Saturday morning as say today I will level my weaponsmithing, It just wont be possible to do in any great length.

Again I understand this has been used as a progression choke due to lack of high end content (25% increase to Tier V crafting xp requirements! ) but you really should think about changing your stance.

Either with new zones add in loads of ironwood/starmetal/ori/wirefibre etc, but preferably make general resources non contested, with set respawns.

Some people will moan (mainly those using company funds to buy resources), but this will also go along way to fix the silly prices seen on the TP for crafted goods. Granted that last point is a matter of perspective. I personally don’t want to make a Job out of a game.

I understand a switch cant just be flicked, but an official stance on how resources will be handled in the future would be nice.

Doesn’t mean there cannot a contested resource; one or more that can be focused around PVP activities, company/town building for example. If guilds halls are introduced etc, a contested resource requirement for amenities and or building construction etc.

I have tried to offer some suggestions and not just rant, and will not post on this topic again.

To end on a positive note, the latest set of changes are for the better, things are slowly turning a corner, keep up the good work.

Despite the wierdism’s that are occurring. :stuck_out_tongue:

Duping of food :frowning: you make it very hard to pay a complement people. :slight_smile:

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