Controlling & Movement (VIDEO)

First of all I wanna say.
This is not a “hate video” towards any developers. But simply a short video that tells about some of the “controlling/Clunky Movement” the game has, it feels like a punushment to move.

I like the game alot, but I have the need to stress this, this is why I decided instead of making a “forum post” about the problem, I went abit futher to showcase in a video.

One thing I do forgot to add in the text in the video is. How Heavy the Movement feels cus of “realism” but in comparrison to the “DODGE” mechanic, too me, the dodge is so smooth & Perfect compared to the other parts of the game.
If people want realstic controlling I suggest having the DODGE reworked to somthing, much, much slower.
Which in my mind would be even worse, but I leave it to u guys to agree or disagree.

(1) New World Controls & Movement. - YouTube

Best Comments would be, mentioning games that does Controlling & Movement right, for developers to read, instead of long debates.
to name a few; World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Conan Exiles.

Thank u for reading / watching. (:

BUMP pls

I’m not sure what makes the movement clunky tbh. My only issue is that rolling is faster than running!!
The magic of the rollypoly is real! :joy:
I hate the “Souls” like roll to speed you up and make you immune. I’m sure they could do another animation that would make sense. Rolling should slow you down immensely!

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