Convert Elite Runs into PvE Raids

Elite runs are part of the game content, but every run is like a guy calls out ppl to join him for a full run over the map. Seems petty desorganized, noone is listening to the ,leader" of run, lag fest and more frustrating moments. Why not just convert this runs into something official and organized like Raids?

First of all lets talk about this topic callled ,Elite Runs"… first of all I dont want to steal this content from low lvl players cuz i wanted to suggest this runs as end-game activity ( just because of content lacking ). Not sure, what motivation does a player have to run at low levels. Of course its sad, low lvl players arent as much as it was before in the glory days. Thats why from my pov, a system that will make low lvl elite runs worth for high lvl players is welcome.

Second, runs should be 20-man only and a mode. Suggestion is making runs separate from the world ( you can see them but cant enter without players and influence what is happening inside, just like dungeons ) and at the gate of the run you can join via matchmaking. ( or a better choice a way to join from far, without moving to the run )

And at least, dont even try to monetize this raids with orbs. Free and freedom for all players.

Some runs are nice like Scorpius, Eridanus…but not worth even for low lvl players.



You created this thread in the German subcategory by accident. I will move it to the English one.


Love the idea, we need more content like this along with PVP arena’s!

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thanks, but what about the idea xD hope someone is listening to players feedback…we need more to do from March guys

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