Cooking, Arcana and Fishing need urgent love!

-Cooking first: If there are too many ready-made dishes falling out of the chest, remove them. Only the material should fall off. And make it easier to make some legendary dishes. The total bonus in cooking should be less, a large number of dishes on the market makes them worthless.
-And secondly, Arcana. Pots are falling from every living thing wherever it is in the game. This completely killed the profession of arcana. There’s no point in making pot. Remove the pot drop from the outer wool. It should only be manufactured, and in places such as savasas outpost, also remove the free purchase. People should be able to buy pot during the war so that the market is always alive.
-Thirdly, fishing. I’m a 200-level fisherman, the highest chance a fisherman can have. I have everything from my trophies to my set.if I work for hours when I go to 3-star points, I can’t catch legendary fish. I think there’s no use in playing pvp, or fishing doesn’t work. Please increase the number of hotspots, the number of fish here and the chance of catching legendary fish. Move the fishery to a more important point in cooking and chemistry. Make him throw better material. And please put the gold back in the fishing chests. Or let them think about the item according to hwm. Fishing right now is nothing but a waste of time.

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I agree that there needs to be more fishing hot spots, especially in salt water areas! I ran the coast line of both RS and MD today and didn’t find a single hot spot.


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