Cooking mats RNG

IMO the RNG for cooking mats is a little over the top. Things like salt, spices…anything you can only get from provision crates really, makes cooking a serious PITA. Maybe we could get a more reliable way to get this stuff. The variety is nice but the secondary mats that we have to have to make things is a bit to RNG.

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It would be awesome for there to be “Salt Lakes” or something with new lands. A place to harvest salt.
Or even if there are plots of soil/gardens for player housing to grow these resources.
Some better way to find/obtain these items would be amazing as a dedicated crafter!

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Well for herbs you like dill, thyme, cinammon they are region based, aka depending on zone that the herb plant is depends on what secondary item pool it has to drop. If you mean things like milk and such I think its their way of more combat oriented players to still be able to farm “valuable” mats and make a little money vs having to do the mining,logggin, etc skills.

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