Correct me if I misunderstood

So they are removing orbs to do dungeons with the coming patch? i’d definitely come back for that.

They are replacing it with a limit to mutations and normal dungeons.

In this update, we’ve removed Expedition Tuning Orbs and replaced them with daily limits for Normal and Weekly mutated expedition runs to make all expeditions easier to access. This new system features:

  • 15 Normal Expedition Runs per player per day or 105 per week, per player.
  • 25 Mutated Expedition Runs per week.

For concerned players, this is how we plan on introducing it after the PTR:

In order to honor the value you’ve put into acquiring existing Tuning Orbs, any orbs in your inventory upon the update will be replaced with caches that give loot appropriate for their expedition. While you won’t get a full run’s worth of coin and drops, the rolls will include boss drops for weapons and armor in addition to opportunities for Expertise bumps.

  • For Normal expeditions, caches will reward a roll from the sub-boss and main boss found in that specific expedition, and grant coin equal to 50% the cost previously associated with buying that specific type of orb from the Faction Shop.
  • For Mutated expeditions, caches will reward 4 boss rolls off the final boss of 4 eligible mutators, and coin equal to 50% the cost previously associated with buying that specific type of orb from the Faction Shop.
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hot damn time to start playing again


Correct. Orbs are being removed.

Start grinding those elites zone out in the open world to get those orbs (and parts) too. Then see what goodies ya get after the patch.

If you haven’t played for a while, it’s not nearly as much of a game changer as it would have been months ago. With regular orbs being on a 1 per day cool down at the faction vendor, the reality is that people who want to run expeditions have orbs. Often in abundance.

yah but wont group finder be a big bonus for us casuals?

It’s the same as the chat recruitment :joy:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: they just just copy wows dungeon finder i mean havent we hoofed it all this world enough?


just auto make groups and send them in

It would be good if they copied it but it’s way of the wow one and how simple it is

Ah ic

Ah well. Atleast there is a teleport shrine at each dungeon


Just like TESO does

Yes and there’s a group finder, huge change for the good of there’s any players left by then. Dwindling servers causing more and more players to quit

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