Corrupted rabbit chest luck or no?

Got mine a little while ago. Started the day with another 1k bullets and had 217 left.

worst event ever… sme palyer gets its after 3 kills and other not after killing over 2500 … much fun …not

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The day lucks work is when they display how much luck your have along with all other in the stats window.

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Why are you not just using the default/free ammo?!?!?!

I killed 3k rabbits. Full luck Gear 2.9% with pearls…

Had a quick glaze of this thread. Looks like this was covered over a few various replies but here is my thoughts.

Based on the recent update from NW and various content creators on YouTube with their interpretation of how luck works. While I do not have or claim to have a yes/no answer from AGS directly.

I firmly believe luck does NOT work for this item.

Item: Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare - EPIC - Not named (based on NWDB)

2422 and counting and 0

Event description has been updated to remove mention of luck helping to get the chest.

Also that from a mod: Rabbit Event Chest? - #148 by o-o

Hey everyone, I see this thread still has some activity. Luck does not increase the chances of you obtaining the rabbit chest.

Why were we NOT told this beforehand? Why all the hush-hush? Also, is it true that the chest will ONLY drop on the first 5-10 rabbit kills after applying the rabbit foot luck?

This is false. I got the chest long after 5-10 rabbits. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t noticed that my rabbit foot luck had dropped off when I got mine. Did around 1200 or so kills the first day (anything after 1k I’m not sure about as I wasn’t using a musket with iron bullets so I could keep track when I first started) and 880+ the second day. Started using the rabbit foot after 300kills the second day.

Same. My friends are all like ‘yep’ everytime we do dungeons.

My experience and feelings about luck, it is not that simple what we get by description.
Its like a mystery.
I belive there is a luck pool what you can sink if you play a lot and after you get only scrappy things.
I have a feeling also like you kill / loot the same thing more and more you get the better things from it more often.

So you are rewarded mostly if you play everyday but dont play too much.

I dropped chest yesterday I killed maybe 50 rabbits only for daily gypsum and food xd

Hi Centeoti,

Was the intention of this Easter activity to give a chance to get a rare drop that is fun to try to get during a limited time event or was the intent to make it where the person has to grind for many hours a day at the expense of doing anything else to the point that you believe your account is bugged and will never get it and your so tired of running around a loop that boredom slips in and you wonder why your still playing the game.

Before anyone jumps in to say, no one is forcing you to do it. Your right, no one is forcing me to do this. But I would really like this unique chest. I would also still like to provide my feedback and opinion on this event and I am not alone. There are at least 5 posts dedicated to how frustrating this event is and I don’t believe that was the intent of the developers.

I believe the devs had limited time to throw something together as they are working on bigger and better things but had good intentions that unfortunately weren’t fully fleshed out.
I am confident that the next iteration will be vastly improved and provide good times to all players

I am a big fan of this game and am very patient knowing that you are working on so many things and trying to address all the issues but it is my opinion that for some, this event caused more pain than pleasure.

There are a number of ways that this can be fixed with little effort:

Some ideas:
Change the code to improve the drop rate after 1000th kill
allow the user to turn in a set number of skins or defiled rabbit feet for the chest one time
Leave a limited number of Corrupt rabbits around until the end of the month or extended amount of time

It would also be great if you could ask that a dev double check a sampling of these users to insure there is not an actual issue with the loot table or that the areas I we are frequenting to kill rabbits don’t have a broken loot table.

Thanks for listening

PS if this was not a limited time holiday related event then there wouldn’t be as much and issue as we could work on it over time with no pressure to get it before a deadline


I didn’t see anyone link this so far, apologies if I missed it.

You bring up a good point here. It would be really nice to have some kind of graphic that shows our current luck percentage. First of all, it is really annoying to add it up. Secondly, I’m constantly getting paranoid that I need to re-equip all of my items, replace my trophies on the wall, unflag and re-flag, and log out and back in to be sure my luck is working properly. It’s super annoying!

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Beucause people were starting to come back to the game.
So they quickly had to do an event that will make peeps ragequit again.

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¿Por qué NO nos dijeron esto de antemano? ¿Por qué todo el silencio? que vergonzoso.
cofre conseguido entre mi pareja y yo 0 gracias

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