Corruption Content: Lets Buff it


Hey Team, I wanted to talk about Corruption portals. This is a part of the games content that is in need of significant work. So here are some quick simple idea’s that may require small to moderate amounts of work for a lot of reward.

First i’d like to say the rewards for portals are absolutely horrible. this alone makes the content worthless. I’d love to farm a major portal for 500 umbral shards, or even if we go on and make some of these changes they should reward far more (3-5k).

These events should reward tokens, massive zone reputation (10k) and 3-4k gold.

I’d also like to see some more gold, and even some legendary goodies like loaded dice from them. I’d be nice if the boxes gave elite chest rewards.

Reworking the AI Logic
I would like you to consider something very crazy that only one mmo has done. I would like you to consider making the corrupted invade towns and kill people in them.

how it should look
First the major portal should spawn A special corruption creature (you can make a new model for this) will go around and place minor corruption sites at a location. Over time they should grow to majors.

Majors should spawn mobs, a raid boss and a few elites and send them out via the road in a zone ultimately to cities.

At this point there should be a massive raidboss in these area’s. The original major site should upgrade to a primary site which will house its own raid boss. These raid bosses and ultimate raid bosses should be 3-5 times stronger and have as much more health as the glyph boss in helios. They should be very serious and deadly.

In essence what i am suggesting is an all out war via these game mechanics.

how often?
These corruption events should happen every 8 hours or so. I would even advocate they have mutation based mechanics.

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