Corruption level 65 - cannot complete

Character name: Ingloran
World: Karkar
Issue: While clearing corruption in Reekwater, we were unable to cleanse corruptions, it was saying we need to equip azoth staff level 5 even though we had it equiped, unequipping and equipping it again didn’t help. Because of it we are unable to clear any 65+ corruptions.


Same for me and my guild… Endgame is broken in this game


Reported multiple times on here and still not had a response. Just one of the many issues with endgame. We have main story quests missing also.



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for the main quests missing i’ve got same problem. and ive watch a lot ppl with this.
for the first azorth staff around 20 level u need go to fisher man at windsward.
for another quest u can fix doing alt quests just clen up all yellow pins at map it fix for me.

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