Coruption portals

Anyone had the bug when doing these solo Where no rewards are given . This has happened to me many times recently , when looking in my inventory to find no chest to open .
I have submitted feed back on this problem many times recently . If i cant make keys then end content is closed to me . Right now with the amount of bugs I personally have encountered and now we have a brand new patch and new bugs . I ask you this question .
Is it really worth my time playing a game you have so successfully sabotaged AGS.
Even with the compensation fiasco i defended you publicy online and in the forums .
But right now i feel i can no longer defend you with the amount bugs i have encountered more and more from movment bugs where i cant move to crafting to lost items ect ect . And when i say the list is long i do mean the list is very long.

From Others i have spoken to, some have had simlar or the same problems and others have not . So i am wondering if this might be account linked is that possible ?

Hi @voodoografix !

Welcome to our forums and thanks for sharing us this information.

First of all I apologies for any inconvenient you are facing in game with those kind of bug you mention. The team is working hard to fix every bug that appear, but try to remember that is not just to hit a button and everything will be fix it, some bugs have some time to get fix it. Right now I can only ask you a little bit of patience while the devs work on fix all the reported bugs.

Also you can report any kind of bug filling this template and posting it in the bug report section.

  • Character Name
  • Issue that occurred
  • Time and Date
  • World/Server
  • Location where issue occurred
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue

Feel free to post the bug there and for sure the team will take a look of it and they will try the best to fix it as soon as possible.

Best regards!!

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