Cosmetic Appearance Collections (and Cash Shop)

Currently we have next to no in-game options to change our gears cosmetic appearance without resorting to buying the sets from the store. Can we please get a collection system that adds all of the items we’ve collected throughout our playtime to the appearance menu, so that there is more variety (outside of mostly store-bought items) to change our look.

I have no issue with the store, but there should be non-pay options like every other MMO, as not everyone can afford to spend the extra money on store items.

Regarding the store, can you make any sets added to the store permanent and not limited time. As a customer, it’s upsetting to see multiple sets I want as limited time items, but feel like I’m missing out if I can’t afford to buy them all (or feel pressured to spend to not miss out). Let people buy them in their own time.

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