Couldn't make it to max level

I tried but I just couldn’t put up with the repetitive same enemies in every continent, same 3 skills spam, boring running back and forth for the same quests that are near identical, crafting being pointless, even with the change to azoth costs which did help, still faced the fact everything having to do with leveling to 60 seemed like an absolute chore. Sadly I couldn’t reach end game pvp which was my goal because I have to literally fight myself to even log on and dread having to fight the same 10 or so? enemies over and over again. I’ll check back in a year or so and see what changes have been made

I get it ZoldarX. Games like these are not for everyone. Personally, I enjoyed the grind to 60. I didn’t find it cumbersome or too repetitive. I will admit that it can feel a bit repetitive, but no more than any other MMO I have played. Almost all MMO’s have you do the kill X amount of enemies or go here and do this task then come back missions. If it’s not repetitive missions then it’s long grinding sessions farming the same mobs over and over again.

If you thought the grind to 60 was rough then you were in for a very rude awakening after you hit 60. That’s when the grind to get gear starts. Doing elite chest runs every day, doing expeditions, and farming god awful amounts of materials to try and make some money. At least the grind to get 600 GS items to 625 has now been lowered.

Good luck to you ZoldarX!


just do townboard quests instead :slight_smile: they give plenty of xp especially if you level your refining skills (like smelting) to 100

i had a friend who beat me to lvl 60 using townboards only
its the fastest way to lvl (iirc). Its not fancy but will get you to where you want to be really fast.
Try joining a company and see if anyone will help you! This game is fun with friends

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