Covenant can't declare war!

  • Fellyn Ashe
  • No company in our faction can declare war.
  • 12:30am EST Everfall.
  • Ker-Ls
  • Everfall
  • Maybe be a faction with no territory.

My company contributed a load to the influence along with everyone else.

Hello @purplewormop

can you please check the following?

Enough Influence?

Has it been your company, which completed the (most) PvP missions? You can check if this is true, by reading the text below the “Declare War” Button. If this message isn’t showing up, you are all good


Upcoming Invasion?

Please hover over the greyed out text. What does it say? Is there an upcoming invasion? If so, no war can be declared until the invasion is over.

If none of the reasons above apply, I am unsure, why this is happening and it could very well be a bug then.

Anyway, have a great day in Aeternum!

It says Upcoming Invasion, but we put the influence at 100% and put it into the conflict state.

Hello @purplewormop

thanks for checking!

Sadly, if there is an upcoming invasion it will “overrule” any war, even tho you are already in conflict state.

Tipp: Make sure your faction fights the corruption back in the territory, before completing pvp missions, to be 110% sure, no invasion will occure by the time you want to declare war.

We took Brightwood and it happened again, no one could declare war because of an ‘invasion’ that isn’t on the upcoming war tracker.

We’re trying to take back land, since we lost our only region earlier tonight. But no matter how hard we muster our forces, we literally can’t declare war. It doesn’t matter… All of our hours wasted away PvPing was in void now and people in my faction are pissed. It really sucks.

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