Covenant territory owned by Syndicate company

AGS fix this! we spent so much time pushing! We should be able to declare! If this isn’t resolved people will quit!

Avalon is in dire need of attention due to this issue. Yes it was the player’s fault for swapping factions while being governor of a company that owned multiple territories, but your game shouldn’t have allowed this issue to happen.

We understand you guys do not want to get flamed for issues that happen, but quality control and bug hunting like this needs to have been done ahead of being pushed to a live production environment. The player should have been prevented from swapping factions at all while in a company, especially being of a governor rank in the company.

This needs to be a higher priority than even the possibility of Avalon being merged with another server if that is a priority at all. Do not continue to neglect your player base.


peak time btw.

and if AGS’s solution is to make these territories neutral and make all the crafting stations go to tier 2. I will give up hope on AGS.

AGS ignoring another post letting another server rot whats new #mergeAVALON

Hi @cammie1, thanks for the post. We are seeing what we can do for this world. Hang tight.


please dont make the territories T2, no one will want to spend the gold/time upgrading these territories… they will just be dead territories anyway. I know I have a bias, but a merge is actually the best solution.

Not sure what you’re referring to, we are looking to address the mismatch of company leader/company/zone.

Apparently this has happened before and the solution was to reset the territory

I was able to join the Covenant company that owns the 3 territories as a Syndicate faction member and can control the planning board as a consul member. I cannot however access the lumber cart for example in Brightwood because it is technically a Covenant territory owned by a Syndicate company.

leadership swapped faction, bugged the territory to syndicate

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That was a different issue, this one we shouldn’t have to do that, but will keep folks informed.


Okay, I just felt like it needed to be said just in case.

The easiest way to fix this current issue. Is simply merging avalon into seer or lilith. Avalon was a top pop fresh start and now its dying. Fix this before you lose more of your player base. Merge the server.

holy **** no please not seer or lilith. merge with amarah jesus christ

Only said those because they are lower pop than amarah. Doesnt matter where it merges. Just need to merge

Initial investigation shows this is a complex problem, caused by the governor switching factions, and it won’t be resolved quickly unfortunately - we are considering all options, but don’t have an ETA for you. A Dev or CM will update this thread when we have an update.


ok thanks for the help.

Sounds very abusable. Just have your governor change faction and you cant loose your territory? Does the owning company still get money? And what happened to the members that didnt change faction?