CPU Fix ? Rly ? Its nor Realy

Rly ? You Fixed CPU ? rly ? all time have 100% CPU… and my CPU its Dead… thx… my new CPU 2 weeaks new CPU… Its dead… thx for much… Before have CPU in 70%… and new in updated fix CPU its all time 100%… Thx you… 1137$ over… thx so much… -_-

If you want to be taken seriously, you might want to start making posts with some resemble of sense, and not rambling like a 8yo.

Whatever they did on the last patch, did fix the random FPS drops the game was having.

CPU at 100% is not a bad thing per se, might want to understand how a PC works before rambling like that.

If the CPU load went from 70% to 100%, is more likely they actually fixed some stuff and moved the load to new threads, using all your cores. Which translates to better performance (as seen since the latest patch)

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