Cpu spike and mini freeze


I noticed, since this morning, some mini freeze randomly for 1/2 second (anywhere, in a city, or in other places with less people…).
On task manager , CPU load average is @55%, but when freeze happen , I can see a CPU spike @ 100% . On GPU side load is 80% average
I play since the release and I never noticed these freeze (only slowdown in heavy population zone). Graphic settings set to default (mainly very high).

Do other people also have this issue?
Is there some recent change in the game ?

i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
32go ram
GF 1660 Ti

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I noticed the same. Im playing with a 9700k and RTX 2080 at high settings in 1080p. Out of town I have like 80-98% GPU usage and 50-80%CPU Usage. In the town sometimes 60% GPU/ CPU 90-100% usage or something like 60% GPU/60% CPU (why ever) and at the 100% usage peaks, game is freezing for a second. It’s actually since the closed beta, I feel like they will never fix this CPU and GPU frying game… In First Light, my CPU is always at 95-100% while my GPU is way less. I don’t know why, but this city frys my CPU.

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