CPU Usage High?

Ever since the most recent New World update my CPU usage has been absurdly high (i7-9600k). Most of the time its well over 70% usage and I have seen it go as high as 90%. Ive tried restarting the game, rebooting my PC, and it still seems to happen regardless of where i am in the world. No crashing thankfully and my temps are fine but it is concerning that its utilizing that much of my CPU when previously it was only 20-30% usage.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Character name: Xolotov
Server: Vidblain
PC Specs:
Intel i5-9600k
MSI RTX 3070ti


I should have been more clear in my original post. I did"

Verify game files
Check for updates
Check for GPU driver updates

As well as testing other games I have on the more demanding side (though i think new world is the most demanding currently) none of the other games show anywhere near as much usage.


You really should do your typical troubleshooting steps (to follow restarting), which I am surprised were not suggested already. Regardless, verifying the integrity of game files via steam would be the first step. I would then follow with a repair of the EAC service if steam finds corrupted/missing files.

For some further clarification and to continue your steps please visit: Task Manager Shows CPU Usage at 100% - #4 by StandorTheGreat

Make sure to create a restore point and then update windows and your GPU driver–also any further troubleshooting–if those basic things do not work, would be to provide a dxdiag for analysis.

Also any recent changes to your PC to speak of? Hardware. Lengthy windows update. Recent windows 11 install, etc. Anything can help.

I went from a 1070 to a 3070ti recently. But that was before the update.

I should have been more clear in my original post. I did"

Verify game files
Check for updates
Check for GPU driver updates

As well as testing other games I have on the more demanding side (though i think new world is the most demanding currently) none of the other games show anywhere near as much usage.

Still running Windows 10 atm most recent available update

but like forcing 90% usage bottlenecked? seems a bit extreme, especially considering im using a 9th gen CPU its not exactly incredibly old. Previously i was using a 3500k with a 1070 and never had issues like this prior. Not saying youre wrong just placing as much information out there.

I assume you mean playing at whatever my monitors native res is (in this case 1440p) which i do with dynamic resolution on. Unless i should turn that off (in game settings)


going from a 1070 to a 3070ti will certainly put more strain on your cpu by default, You’ll be down about 15% performance by being cpu bottlenecked, only thing I can suggest to reduce your overall cpu usage is to turn your graphics settings to performance mode (in nvidia control panel) and if you’re not playing at native resolution, play at native resolution as it puts extra strain on reducing/increasing the resolution past/below native.

another thing you can do is some leatrix latency fixes to reduce network overhead as if you have saturated packets you’ll see extremely high cpu usage in any online game.

you can certainly try with/without dynamic resolution though it made no difference for me, I attempted to change process affinity in the details tab of task manager but got access denied, you can reduce your cpu usage by restricting apps to use less cpu cores but it may reduce framerates and might be undesirable. sometimes it makes games run smoother if restricting to less cores but tbh if its a new rig you’ve got and its only showed up since then check for XMP profile being enabled in your bios.

I wish more people brought this issue up and that it was acknowledged more, especially GPU voltage issues, my 2 1/2 year old RTX 2060 GPU has magically started ignoring voltage limits ever since I touched this game and tweaked its settings. It has come to the point where I have to underclock and undervolt only when I play this game, the performance is still the same it seems like the game consumes way more resources than it actually needs on both CPU and GPU.

I have a friend running with AMD Ryzen 9 5900X and he didn’t even know the game caused his CPU and GPU usage from 1-2% to 55% and 50% respectively until I told him to monitor his performance, which doesn’t make sense especially when I told him to test it between low-very high settings, he still gets around nearly the same usage.

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yeah i’ve got a 5800x and rx6900xt and still get high usage regardless of in game settings and frame caps. thankfully we have chill mode but I did have to undervolt my cpu to prevent it from overheating with a noctua nh-15 chromax lol and yeah chill mode on my gpu to force the frame rates as in game frame limiters aren’t right for me.

though again i only get about 30% cpu usage and 60% gpu usage, forcing 60fps at ultrawide 1440p.

You cannot seriously be writing that not knowing New World has the highest CPU usage of any game ever made!? I have never ever seen any game even come close to the CPU usage of New World. This is a KNOWN fact! If you as the community manager are not aware of this its alarming. No offense!

Anyone using a CPU/system performance monitoring software will see this right away. And of course AGS knows about this, its impossible not to know this.

To the poster:
Its a known fact that New World has absurd high CPU usage, especially in towns. More then any other MMO or game I have ever head of.

FPS lock your the game to 60 FPS, this will lower both CPU and GPU usage and heat! Will also hinder the game from killing your GPU (YES, New World can kill some badly designed GPUs, especially nVidia ones).

And yes, the better the GPU you have and having the game unlocked, the higher the CPU usage will also be.


Thankfully temps are good right now.
My game is locked at 60 fps (it was prior to this post as well)
I even tried setting all the game settings to low (still really high usage)
GPU Usage is below 60% so hopefully it wont cause any issues

I understand that but Ive never seen it be this dramatic for any game ive played.
I have been looking through my nvidia control panel trying to find as much stuff as possible to turn down.

Also note that the in game FPS tracker reads 62.5 FPS in game as the Most itll show. But load screens and town still bring CPU Usage to well above 80%
Even have my Nvidia control panel New world specific game setting to limit fps to 60

Your GPU seems to be too powerful for your current CPU meaning your graphics card is processing information too fast that the CPU cant handle so it’s holding back waiting for your CPU to process all that info , If you turn SHADOWS and TERRAIN details to low you will see an increase in performance and your GPU usage will increase , These two graphic settings rely mostly on CPU and not GPU

I mean yeah but i didnt have an issue running 3rd gen intel CPU with my 1070 previously. Even on high demand games at the time like Arkham Knight and Monster hunter

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Sometimes windows monitoring for CPU and GPU usage doesn’t show true stats , I played Call Of Duty Warzone with 30-36% CPU usage and 85-95% GPU usage with AVG frames 120-140 FPS on a RTX 3070ti and i7 10700 16gb ram , I then updated my Windows version and then started playing Warzone again showing the TRUE stats of my PC usage - 70-80% CPU usage and 75-80% GPU usage sometimes 40% GPU usage in different scenarios at 120-140 FPS , so in conclusion I’m assuming the same thing is happening to you in new world

yea thats possible. My temps dont rev up that much (if at all) when i play. Usually around 40-50C max

Also have you tried setting your virtual memory to No paging file on all drives assuming you already have plenty of RAM , I noticed trying to use virtual ram does cause some issues with certain HDD and SSD drives and stability issues ,

I cant even remember where that setting is

Folder - Right click This PC - Properties - Advanced system settings - click on advanced TAB and under section performance click settings , Advanced TAB again and under section Virtual memory click change - Untick Automatically manage paging file size for all drives and click each drive then press No paging file on each one and click set , Apply , ok ok and restart pc , you can always turn it back on if you encounter any issues by ticking the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives again


Would adjusting the pre-rendered frames in the nvidia control panel increase or decrease usage if i changed them from 1 to 2-4

that wont do anything that just delays frames and doesnt really do anything but enabling DSR factors , tick them all , and try out different higher resolution that best suit you will increase GPU usage but your FPS will differ lower but the outcome will be worth it

I use DSR and it works well for me , I put all settings on LOw and only set textures to high ,

you wont really notice any graphical changes as the higher resolution makes it look nicer already

Honestly the more i mess with settings the more i feel like if they added a terrain distance adjustment so that it does not load as much stuff from far away itd lower usage. But i could be wrong