Craft, economics, and core gameplay BIGGEST ISSUE

I’ve played 310 hrs in “this”, and here’s what I say: That “game” have a critical issues in core of it, in any aspect, which is connected with each other.

But, let me tell you about this in sequence.

First of all, I’ll touch leveling, but it is not the main and destructive problem of this game.
Core issues is:
a) Its locked by dungeon quests;
b) Its hardly to progress period from 30~ to 60: u just can’t go do quests, coz there’s so few of them, and its won’t give u needed amount of exp, which demands to reach 60, u should do board’s “quests”. And its connected to craft and economics.

Second, its craft and economics:
a) The core issue, that craft and economics system were designed in a way of Albion Online. Let me clear: NW simillary to AO have a different tradeposts markest, but, it does not offer a loot and craft mechanics of AO. As an example, in AO every, literally, EVERY gear that you can recieve in EVERY aspect of the game (i.e. mob loot, dungeon loot, craft, trade, etc) is made BY the player. Your gear can be broken (I mean case, when it can’t be repaired) during fights, deaths, it also can be taken from you corpse by mob (and this item will occur in loot table of this type of mobs, but in amount of exemplar which was lost) or player, you can trade your gear in player’s market, or on ingame black-market (and this item also will occur in loot table of mobs), where the game itself will buyout your gear. And this system works perfectly in AO, but, why in NW it doesn’t? Simple answer: coz this system was modified in a way that it shouldn’t be:
a.1) To levelup your profession, you need to craft a lot, A LOT of items, which negate their value, because we have a limit of 3000 players per server, and besides, each player gets good gear from quests, chests, mobs and dungeons, and these items doesn’t broke in a whole time. You can’t loose that item during pve/pvp. And this is an aspect of completely different type of gearing, craft and economics.
a.2) Raw resources and refined resources. First of all: its okay, that its cheap. But its not okay in a fact, that goes behind: nobody buys it. Nobody buys a t1-t4 lvl resources, the whole list of gems (socket gems too), gear mods… well, this list as long as long 90% of list of whole resources/items in game. And there is a reason, why nobody buys it: its easy to collect it, because you can farm in pve-mode. No one can gank you and take your resources.
And this leads us to, that AGS made an overproduction crisis in game-desing: players produce much, much more, than players can, need and want to consume.

My point is: AGS wanted a AO-type craft and economy system, but, someday, they just changed this, but, not completely. As a result, we, players, got broken craft and economics system. Which leads us to…
b) Company broken. Even if don’t count that game DOESN’T HAVE A GUILD BANK SYSTEM, the company and territories systems are completely broken by itself, craft and economics.
What do we have: some (for an example, 5 companies with 100 ppl in each) game communities rushes to a server. When every member of company reaches 1000 gold, they simply give it to treasure, buys a territory, and start to dominate on the whole other companies, which can’t afford this “rushbuy” tactics. You can counter me like: “Yo, bro, u can make a 100ppl company by urself lol”. Yes, I can, but anyways we will be outranged at the start because of this:
b1) When you craft, refine and trade in a city, company-holder of this territory recieves a fee from it. And an amount of gold recieved is regulated by taxes, which can be set by governing company. And this means, that, company takes a boost in gearing and fortress upgrades. And this boost is incredible, in some little income in 200k/day (and its little, rly), u can gear up your fighters in 580-600gs in a two-three days. From this, follows that company, which want to siege a territory and take it, should spend much more time in game for farming resources and gold to be able, at least, try to siege. IMHO its not that fair.

IMHO: game should be closed and re-worked, coz its broken in a core.


They’ve removed core mechanics of multiple things in the last 6 months of development , to try to appeal to a broader audience, the main problem is that they only removed the mechanics, and didn’t worked on a solution ,workaround or new mechanic . Yeah, the biggest issue i can see in the mid to long term gameplay , is the economy, and with less players connecting each day (the game is losing players at a pace , so server merges may be incoming) the market is going to be chaotic. There’s a need for at least gear degradation , but even then it isn’t probably gonna fix that.


Can you tell more about this, please?

The game wasn’t intended to be what it is currently, it was going to be full pvp , even with pvp-loot (only inventory, not gear, but this one was changed way back in the alpha, except for the full pvp) The player speed was slow compared to the actual, you needed to use the stamina bar to actually sprint , now on release everyone can perma sprint without using stamina , there was also a stagger mechanic that also got removed, but my guess about the actual condition of the economy system is that, they didn’t changed it to reflect their changes about the full-pvp or even the pvp looting back in the day, because it seems almost unsustainable as it is right now , on the long term , because you would need to have always a certain flux of new players (with the pvp loot or atleast the full pvp , this wasn’t the case because it will force players to use mostly t4 gear for gathering, but i know the repercursions of it in the community, as there’s always people who loves to gank , but as i said early, they didn’t reflect those changes).


the game was originally designed to be full loot/full pvp like Albion or Eve Online.
But in the Alpha, a lot of players was complaining about gank and grieffing.

They switched aim during production to bring new world to a more casual and PVE oriented game. Wich satisfied most of casual pve players for now. Unfortunately by switching to a more PVE oriented game they broke the PVP core gamedesign therefore now we have a PVE mmo oriented with a pvp amputated.

That result in a game where economy is broken because stuff never disapear or destroy. in 6 month every player that stay on the game will have done 100% of the content more than one time, and quit.
If there is new content its gonna be the same, they will consume the content faster than AGS produce it, and quit.

So we have now a game that will be content limited and will be abandoned by players depending on the pace they make update.

unless they manage to bring something that fullfill PVP and PVE and fixe their economy but its a bad start honestly.

I mean its a great start for PVE players that dont care about communities and longevity. But for a longtime goal its a shitty start.


now its completely clear

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In Albion - there is a great crafting (and PVP) economy intertwined with a single world (200,000-400,000 plauyers all together maybe? Of course not logged in at the same time, but between all the time zones). Concurrent players logged in is around 10k-15k.

So the economy works.

In NW there is 3000 player limit. Economy will die.

Oh and without gear trashing (no, me salvaging my crap quest rewards does not count) through PVP - economy will die and then the game will die too.

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Yup, but Pve players dont care about this, they just dont want to be flagged.
Don’t even talk about losing a piece of gear. so…

They dont even want a single area where there is pvp forced so… :slight_smile:
we’re fucked :smiley:


then, its nonscence. game will die

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While I agree with the main point of the post, I don’t think the solution requires PvP for items to leave the game, it’s just one of the ways that works in games where PvP is a main attraction such as AO, as mentioned. NW shifted away from the PvP as it’s driving force for most of the content but that doesn’t mean they can’t just make gear permanently break simply through usage and limiting repairs regardless of the game mode being participated in.

Also I’m really wondering how the refining of materials plays into the economy and if it’s actually a positive or not. Right now and since preview you need to have the lower tier material to refine the higher tiers, which sounds good on paper because that means lower tier items will always have value. But what we see now is the lowest of low tier mats are worth more than high tier mats because you need so many of them to refine high tier materials that it doesn’t seem like it’s working as intended. Would be interested to hear a developer perspective on this.


Well, it could be reasonable, if game itself were designed for pve too, but it doesn’t. It were designed for full-pvp, and then switched to pve without any workaround.


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  • Repair should use resources (leather, iron, wood, fiber of the respective equipment tier) instead of FREE STUFF
  • Potions shouldn’t drop from chest and mobs
  • Only crap equipment with no valid stats/adds should be dropped by chests and mobs so we can savage them for resources (instead of savaging for FREE REPAIR STUFF)
  • We should not move a lot of resources from city to city using the market exploit
  • EXP gained from gathering should be cut in half at least so people needs to choose what they want instead of doing anything anywhere anytime (i think crafting exp is fine)
  • A little bit more of storage capacity should be added to the cities so new players can storage their stuff (because as a new player you dont know what you should do to the items yet)
  • Now you can move back to the city on the area you are in paying Azoth AND Gold at any time you want (instead of suiciding)
  • PvE deaths/suiciding should break your equipment in a way it’s better to pay Azoth AND Gold to go back to the city instead of suiciding.
  • If u die in PvP, instead of losing gear you should break your gear in a way you need to pay lots of resources (mentioned above) to repair it (based on item score and tier)
  • Killer should receive an amount of gold based on the gear score of the killed player (way to risk-reward) in a way you cant Free Kill for Gold

For PvP

  • The best resources should be added to Full PvP Areas so people can fight and hold territories for them.

For the game itself

  • Make the changes and wait or wipe.
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Repairing with Materials is a good Idea all the Others are Bad. The Game switched from full PvP Hardcore to PvE so is the Most of thr audience now. 90% or even more are Not the Hardcore pvpers.

All Other sugesstions make the Game die in days.


Thank you! Game is already diyng in days if no updates, btw

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Let me make sure I’m understanding you here.

In a world where only 2% of players flag for pvp because there are no incentives to do so, you want to punish people who do flag and die? So now there is nothing to gain and something to lose?

Just making sure I am understanding.


For PvP

  • The best resources should be added to Full PvP Areas so people can fight and hold territories for them.
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This would be disastrous with the current server balance. On most servers, one faction holds 8/11 or more territories. This would compound the issue of everybody abandoning underdogs and just joining the winning side. It would literally become Sea of Thieves Alliance servers 2.0 where everybody just teams up and nobody pvps because there’s no incentive.

Faction balance, incentive for underdogs, etc. ALL must be addressed before you can do ANYTHING like what you’ve proposed.