Craft PVE now or after patch?

I was planning to craft PVE stuff next patch but I realized that I actually don’t know if it is mathematically better this patch or next patch with all the upcoming changes to rolling perks.

The weapon I want to craft is a spear and bow:

SPEAR: 30 Dex

  • Vicious
  • Corrupted Bane
  • Fortifying Perforate

BOW: 30 Dex

  • Vicious
  • Corrupted Bane
  • Penetrating Rapid Shot

Of those three perk categories which one should be guaranteed with the timeless shard?

My initial thoughts were either weapon perk or corrupted bane since vicious already has a high chance to roll but maybe I did my math wrong and I should roll vicious. I would like if someone could do the math and calculate my best course of action before the update hits live servers.

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Craft now cause after patch youll be getting PVP gear

i feel that forcing bane = easy vicious; struggle would be weapon perk

Agreed, keen and vicious have a higher perk pool, but post patch resilient om armor will be showing up a lot which will do nothing for the PVE scene. Perfect for PVP, I cant wait.

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waiting eagerly to empty the mats from my storage binge crafting next patch


you need to be rolling the corrupted heart weapons. Relatively easy to get bane + vicious + keenly. IMO not worth to have defensive perks on weapons for PVE. Better off with more dmg and just relying on your healer. But the corrupted heart weapons are super small perk pools. You also save money this way because you dont need timeless and attribute mods.
However if you are using timeless the route is to still roll it now before patch because it will be impossible to get any banes. So TLDR: either way you do it, roll before patch goes live.

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if u want best damage for pve u should split each weapon with bane
corrupted ( corrupted Bane / Vicious (rouge for melee weapon ) / Ref Move or keenly powered ) i like ref move buc it let me do ability super fast as spear or ga or hammer yes hammer just try and u will see ref move on hammer is awesome

i have all weapon with rogue ref move and bane for ech enemy I’m missing only Hatchet for angry earth

15 - 25 % of all gypsum casts right now on PTR give legendary items

15 % is for weapons
around 20 % for armors
25 % for jewelery

almost none of the items received this way have those old crap perks …harvesting/mining/armorer/engineer and so on

Even if devs tune this down for live game it will still be source of great PvE equipment

As far as i have noticed …light/medium/heavy results for example are divided evenly

I have received some weapons/armors/jewelery that are true perfection for PvE and some that could be called Uber BiS for PvP

Lets hope you have saved lots of gypsum casts…i’m sitting on nearly 300 atm.

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After patch crafting will be worse for PvE stuff. There are replica items, but they have fixed and worthless stats, except heavy (con). It’s a shame really and AGS should do something about it.

maybe instead angry earth bane for hatchet ? so u will save extra * craftslots* because fire works for pve + pvp ?.. is it possible atm to craft with attunement + rogue + emp/refresh move/ vicious/ench ?

You don’t really need refreshing move on a spear. It has enough CDR on its own and doesn’t really make it much faster.

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maybe but im not gonna do heavy attack every time i want to reduce ability cd right ?
reduce cd for spear only heavy
also spear deal alot damage with ability so yes ref move IMO perfect for spear

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Rogue is damage con and cannot roll with vicious or enchanted, you can roll RM or Keenly Empowered though as they are proc

What he’s saying is the innate cdr is more than enough to cycle abilities fluidly and the fact that you’ll be cycling abilities plenty often even without RM would make slotting something other than RM more worth it. Keenly jagged gives a debuff that makes you do 10% more damage across the board and is generally the go to for spears when it comes to what Proc perk you want.

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after patch:

dmgcategory dmgcon proc element (proc before)
bane 15% rogue 19% keenly emp. 15% for 5s (10s cd) attunement 18% (1s cd)
vicious 12% crit dmg refreshing move chain 15% (2s cd)
enchanted 9,8% shirking 40%
thwarting strikes 12%

for now bane + rogue + keenly emp. is BIS


Bane + Rogue + Attunement ( if correct element) after. :smiley:


yes sir

but there is a problem with element. if you have angry earth bane + rogue + flame att. (for example) and garden muta has hellfire… flame att is useless :smiley:
so idk maybe i would stick to keenly emp

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Refreshing move is a wasted perk on spear because it already has a lot of built in cooldown reduction

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What? No. You can reduce it with every second light attack. You get a huge amount of CDR every time you hit an ability after you dodge. Every time you vault kick…

Just keep an eye on the tp and buy someone elses failed roll cheap.

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