Craftable new camp skin?

how do you craft the new craftable camp skin. like I heard someone talking about it. Does it exist?

You need 200 in Furnishing to craft it.

oh damn thats never happening lol… Thanks my dude

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It’s a bit expensive too, i was tempted but it would have consumed all of my CD materials!

x100 glittering ebony, x100 asmodeum, x100 phoenixweave, x100 fire quintessence

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Yeah, it’s really expensive. And it’s expensive to get to 200 furnishing too. Not even enough Pure solven at the Trading Post on my server to get half way from 150. Usually around 5000-10000 total to 0.5-1g each.

if at least its color were customisable 10 days of CD materials still not worth it.

I started to think AGS is “intentionally inventing” these kind of stuff just to fix later so patch notes look full…

maybe it’s a super smart way to sell the 2 camp skins you put in store, we mortals just can’t understand…

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It’s just a trap so you’ll just buy their mtx camp skin instead if you want camp skin.

Is this craftable camp skin time limited to the event? No way I’m getting 200 furnishing til january.

I think it’s there to stay.

It kinda looks like a patchwork tent compared to the store ones. Should look a lot better and be able to dye it when concidering 200 Furnishing and the cost to make it

The only reason for this skin is to prevent the declaration of the game to be pay2win.
The new camp skins unlock a recipe to craft a potion that gives a 60 min chance to get a gypsum from 55+ mobs.
Players now have a choice to either buy the camp skin fast or spend ridiculuss ammounts of materials(game time) just for that one extra expertice push.

Ummm…they can be crafted at ANY their 5 camp…doesn’t even have to be yours. No skin needed. I crafted it because I had the mats laying around and recently hit 200 Furnishing.

I started this post at 100 furnishing now im 200. I take back the never gonna happen thing im gonna make this skin. Also cuz its kinda awesome.

As a 200 furnisher i waa happy to see this but i wont craft this skin because the Material costs are insane for just a skin and you are not getting any furnishing experience when you craft it too… ridiculous…

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It’s funny how people can look at things so differently. I was actually happy to have something to do with all of those mats. A tenth of my mats didn’t seem like that much…and they have already been replaced. I have enough coin and wasn’t worried about opportunity cost. Additionally, I realized that the more I feed the market…the stronger I make my opponents. I try to avoid the TP for selling and look to trade/sell within my faction via chat.

Yeah and its EPIC too its not something everyone can have.

I do get at least one person on every chest run that puts “but y?” in chat. I respond with “y ¬?”.

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