Crafted Coating Disappeared

I crated 51 (or 53, I don’t remember) Powerful Ancient Coatings using Animal Eyes and other mats I already had, and Oil I had just bought from the TP. When I checked my inventory, the coatings are NOT there and all the resources all also gone now.

Server: Pluto, Character Name: Kexxek

If it helps/matters, I also had a buy order on the TP for the Powerful Ancient Coatings that I canceled right after I crafted the items, and before I looked in my inventory and noticed them missing.

Hello @Kexxek !

Thanks for passing by to the New World Forums :smiley:!

Sorry to read it, it should no happen.

Did you try any troubleshoot step? Reset the game or check steam files?

Please let me know if it fix it or if we need to take an extra step.

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